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For the second post today for #DisneyMovieMondays we have Aladdin!
The movie premiered on November 25th, 1992 to both critical and box office success.
We all know that Robin Williams improved over 16 hours of material, but that’s not my fact!
Did you know that Animator Glen Keane based Aladdin’s pants off of those worn by none other than MC Hammer?!
Can’t touch this...
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Captain Mickey welcoming me to the Disney Dream 😭😭😢 I didn't think my life could get more magical but apparently it can 💜💜💜🙄
Blustery Mondays like today makes us wanna go back home to my thotful spot... 🍯
Wiz Tip: Time is running out to celebrate the first ever Haul-o-ween at Cars Land. Don't miss these spoke-y decorations, like the pum-can patch and the zombie car. It's puntastic and adorable!
Got this little origami birdie from a cast member at the Japan Pavillion!
The crane is a symbol of hope & healing. It is said that folding 1,000 cranes would make ones wish come true. I'd like to think that CM was giving out wishes that day, in hopes of someday having their own wish come true 🤗#themoreyouknow #japan #origami

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