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I kinda ruined this pic with the editing o well
I heard 45 Grave for the first time on the Return of the Living Dead soundtrack and thought, where the hell have you been all my life?! #nowspinning #45grave #autopsy #dinahcancer #deathrock #punk #socalpunk #gothrock #80spunk #80smusic #vinyl #vinylcollection #vinylporn #vinyladdict #wedig45grave
It also just so happens to be Elvorian from #PenisFlytrap's birthday (far left). All the #deathrock birthdays! #DinahCancer #elvorianspivey
#septvinylchallenge *Catch-Up!* Day 08 - Soundtrack to Your Worst Enemy's Funeral: #45Grave - "Evil" b/w "Party Time" (1983). Considering it's my "worst enemy's" funeral, both tracks are appropriate. It's party time because that evil motherfucker is dead 💀 (This pressing from #gothasfuckrecords is limited to 300 copies and mine is number 92). #vinyl #vinylrecord #vinylcollection #vinylcollectionpost #vinylcollector #igvinylclub #instavinyl #vinylhead #vinylporn #vinyladdict #records #recordplayer #recordcollection #nowplaying #nowspinning #80s #punk #dethrock #dinahcancer @crigbididman @txdrmstvinyl
"Luscious Ladies of West Coast Punk Collage"

X "Los Angeles"
Slash Records
Catalog # SR-104
Original 1980 Pressing
The Nuns "S/T"
Bomp!/Posh Boy Records
BLP 4010/ PBS 105
Original 1980 Pressing
45 Grave "Autopsy"
Restless Records
Catalog # 72030-1
Original 1987 Pressing
Legal Weapon "Death of Innocence"
Arsenal Records
Catalog # LW-1000
Original 1982 Pressing
These are four monster, heavyweight Records of the early California Punk Rock era to feature lead and or prominent female vocals. The West Coast and U.K. were one of the few exceptions to a male dominated genre and were better off for it.

X's "Los Angeles" LP is as seminal as they come. Some of the best lyrics in rock n roll ever. Period. Probably the only Punk band ever to feature their unique boy/girl gorgeous off key harmonies. Very clever musicianship as well, they were no slouches when it came to playing a tune.

The Nuns were from SF and one of the earliest bands to perform along with fellow SF Rock n Roll purveyors Crime. The Nuns singer, Jennifer Miro was a drop dead beauty and no real rival for looks in New Wave other than Blondie's Debby Harry. They belt out classic raw mid tempo Punk Rock Rippers. Also featured on the original Killed by Death Series Volume 1 if you need more Nuns street cred.
The next two bands are both supergroups made up of distinguished punk rock luminaries. 45 Grave is made up from Hollywood's finest and Legal Weapon is the cream of the crop of the OC Punk Vanguard. Both feature strong gritty vocals and both bands lean heavily on a darker goth punk / death rock sound. 45 Grave is more mature and even has nods to 70's hard rock like Sabbath and Alice Cooper while Legal Weapon is more youthful, and energetic, retaining much of the famous formulas that made OC Punk so infectious.
A very Happy Birthday to one of my faves, Dinah Cancer (@marydinah45.) Hope it's a great one! #dinahcancer #45grave

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