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Fall days spend reflecting on the past and learning to let go. Trusting in the universe that I will be a better person through all of the struggles I continue to face. I have barely found time, energy or words to share all that I am feeling and experiencing being back in Detroit. None of this has been by any means easy. I have found myself feeling extremely alone and empty. Yet, I am not allowing it to destroy me as I once used to do. I am allowing it to make me stronger and face anything that I am met with. So here I stand, struggling to stay afloat yet I fight firmly knowing deeply that I am meant for great things and this is all just a test. #testingtesting #tests #unicorn #universe #detroithustlesharder #detriot #detroitvseverybody #gentrification #autumn #fallcolors #autumncolors #missingyou #falldays #leaveschanging #leaves #introspection #innerwork #challenges #changes #davidbowie #turnandfacethestrange #timemaychangeme #buticantchangetime
"I come from Detroit where it's rough, and I'm not a smooth talker."... Yiikesss yeah right!!! Happy Birthday to the Coolest❄️👑😏😬😬❄️😬👑🎶

Dear Slim,

#happybirthdayeminem !!!
Join us THIS Wednesday for The Libra birthday celebration at Mon Jin Lau for some amazing food! 🍣 Escape with us! ‼️ All Libra birthday receive 25% off dinner.

Hosted by Bryan Chin, Jody Haddad, Jay Mahfouz and DJ Godfather with music 🎶 by DJ Chrome & Godfather. 🍣 📞 Dinner reservations: 248-689-2332

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Target is one of those guilty pleasure “destinations” that triggers an uncomfortable cognitive dissonance in my head. It embodies everything about materialism and consumerism in a fashion that I reject and resent—yet, I’m still attracted to its presence, like a raccoon to a shiny object.
Technically, I don’t actually “need” anything that Target sells. I can easily live without everything found within its four very vast walls. Yet, somehow I can still convince myself that need to go there at least once a week. Because? Because how would you know what you needed or what you couldn’t live without if you didn’t go there? Le sigh, such a moral conundrum.
I don’t actually have a legitimate excuse outside of sheer boredom and lack of social calendar for taking a trip to the ol’ Taghetto this evening. I told myself that I needed to go look for “dress code appropriate” sweaters for work because it’s getting colder outside—but who am I kidding? The impulsive hedonist inside of me was itching to be moderately irresponsible with my hard-earned money—most likely to fill the void in my life where interpersonal relationships should hypothetically exist.
As fate would have it, I found myself perusing the journal and notebook aisle. Considering my love for and history with the written word, one would assume that I keep a journal. Alas, I have started many a journal, but most of them only lasted a few days. Maybe weeks. I could blame the ADHD for that one, but it really just comes down to sheer laziness.
A relatively new friend in life and sobriety recently inspired me to start journaling again, which is why I probably ended up in the journal aisle this evening. And that’s when I stumbled upon these little lovelies.
Seems a bit frivolous to spend $15 on book that’s consists mainly of blank paper, I know. However, I’ve faced the same road block each and every time I’ve attempted to keep a journal. And that road block is called focus. Without focus, goals or direction—it’s pretty hard for me to invest my time and energy into anything from work to hobbies you name it. Bought the gratitude journal. It is a perfect fit for my recovery. I’m excited to start this new habit. Xo

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