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User Image jumpintofitnesswithjamie Posted: Jan 16, 2018 2:59 PM (UTC)

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It’s freezing outside (I didn’t have to actually go outside) , it’s dark (I turned the closet light on), I have a sick kid (he’s sleeping, along with the rest of the family including the puppy!)
lots of excuses I could have come up with.... BUT that’s not going to get me to my goals.
Closet workout BOOTY edition ✅
ALL BEFORE anyone woke up... including the sun!
I’m OBSESSED with being the BEST version of ME... so I have to get uncomfortable in order to get comfortable with myself.
And my son would be proud... no yellow, only green and blue today! 💚💙 #mybootyisonfire #jumpintofitnesswithjamie #determinedmama
User Image lana_fridley Posted: Jan 15, 2018 9:18 PM (UTC)

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So a little early but this is my progress from the beginning July 2016 until now January 2018 and just starting my new workout program 80 day Obsession!!
So excited to see my progress and all my teammates!!
I have a video in my story if you want to see a more accurate look at my tummy because I guarantee after I do this program and I follow the meal plan and workouts I WILL see great results and so could YOU
#juststartnow #doitforyou #selflove #priorities
User Image dani_dee019 Posted: Jan 15, 2018 8:45 PM (UTC)

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Saw this post today and couldn’t help but steal it, seems so fitting ❤️ #determinedmama
User Image tarakochendorfer Posted: Jan 15, 2018 8:41 PM (UTC)

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Nap time hustle!🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️ One of the things I really want to work on this year is being more intentional with my part time business. I have many DREAMS for my family and I, and the only way I’m going to get there is if, I work HARD and SMART👊🏻
One of the areas I plan on changing is using my down time (the little amount that I have when the boys nap and are in bed at night) to be more productive. No more surfing my phone, no more binging on Jersey Shore episodes☺️, no more being LAZY!
Instead, PD (personal development) my coaches, my challengers, my team, are getting more of my attention. I suppose I better add spending more time with my hubby too or he’ll get mad😉 LOL ♥️him! -
So it’s time to put my big girl pants on and really buckle down to making my dreams a reality!
Who else has a side hustle?
User Image missyingling Posted: Jan 13, 2018 7:37 AM (UTC)

4 Mayfair
💖 Not even going to’s 11:35 at night and I’m walking in place in my living room watching Jimmy Fallon. I’m in a fit bit challenge with my friends that ends tonight at midnight....I’m way too competitive to take 3rd 😂 Wish me luck! Lol
User Image christa.c.price Posted: Jan 12, 2018 11:48 PM (UTC)

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Yoga day!! I ❤️ yoga day!!! Best quote was by Lincoln, “how is she so bendy?” .
#2018goals #yoga #asanarebel #workout #determinedmama #onasnowday #youcantoo👍
💪🏻Determination. Willpower. Persistence.
And… Saying “Do you need to go potty?” a million times in one day. This is my FriYAY - potty training! 🚽 Wish me luck! I’m going to need it with this strong-willed little one. #icanandiwill #lularoe #determinedmama .
📦 SHOP THE BOX - Mon Jan 15 @ 9PM
🏠 OPEN HOUSE - Sat Jan 20 2p-4p
User Image kristacoles Posted: Jan 11, 2018 1:39 AM (UTC)

3 Gingham
My perfect cup along with my fav detox tea to keep me on track!!! .
Day 9 detox has me like 💪
#healthgoals #fitnessgoals #fitnessmotivation
User Image lana_fridley Posted: Jan 10, 2018 3:44 AM (UTC)

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Transformation Tuesday 💪
Its so important to take before and after pics so you can see your progress thats what keeps me motivated personally 😊

I definitely wouldn't have stuck to this without the support and accountability from our groups/my team.

Love all my teammates and my COACH for not giving up on me being a great leader.@fitnesscoachkristik
If you want to join me and get in the best shape I can help😉 MESSAGE me and I can fill you in on the NEW challenge and what YOU'LL NEED , but you have to work hard and really want it! If you DO LET'S DO THIS together and make it a fun challenge and get some results and feel GREAT too! #mamasgotgoals #momof4 #letsdothis
User Image lana_fridley Posted: Jan 9, 2018 4:37 AM (UTC)

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I am so excited to see what happens in 2018!
If you are even a little curious about what it is I do as an online COACH for Beachbody please talk to me.
You can either just do the workout programs or you can do the business part too and make a little extra cash or go all in and do it full time from the comfort of your own home 😉
Really IT'S what you put into it and if you are ambitious and determined and give it your ALL you will be successful. ♡♡♡♡♡
It's cool too because you can work on it in the little pockets in your day like when kids are sleeping or maybe after they go to bed at night.
You just have to find what works for you😍
I'm looking for FUN, ambitious, goal getters , who want to work as a team and also try out a NEW challenge with a whole NEW program!
ALSO would be willing to take before and after pictures and commit to a whole 30 day or the NEW 80 day Obsession program starting on the 15th of January!!🎉
Because seriously IT'S so important to do all these things to see the best results...
▪before pictures ▪weekly updates
▪following the mealplans
▪participating in our ACCOUNTABILITY and challenge groups. ▪sticking to the workout PROGRAM ▪success partner ▪drinking the shakes that are so great for us.
DM me or friend me on facebook so we can chat more if you are even the littlest interested 🦉 #Coachlanahasgoals #joinmyteam #iamteambeachbody
User Image lana_fridley Posted: Jan 9, 2018 1:47 AM (UTC)

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Happy Monday!😍
Do any of you have a problem with balancing?🤔 I seriously have the hardest time but getting better thank goodness 🙌

I personally love this introductory ALO program my body feels great! I can feel EVERYTHING so I know it's working😉

This was leg day from the program getting me ready for #80DayObsession #countdowntocontest

Who's READY to start with me !?? Like seriously what do you have to lose!?? You want to see a CHANGE?? You have to make a commitment with yourself because no one can do it for you.

Be fierce☆ BE STRONG☆ You are stronger than you think 💪👊 YOU want different results than you have to CHANGE some HABITS 💙🏋️‍♀️👙👗💦 LET'S DO THIS together!! It starts January 15th so to join my group and be in the challenge you need to purchase a challenge pack ASAP.
Believe me it will be WORTH the money and effort😍

Message me to get added to my group and LET'S do this as a team!
User Image lana_fridley Posted: Jan 7, 2018 4:12 AM (UTC)

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Love how this works everything but focuses on arms, abs, and a$$.🍑
It might look easy but its definitely NOT 😉
I love the challenge because I have GOALS and the only way I'm going to reach them is by pushing myself. ☆☆☆
When it gets hard that's when you REALLY want to push and keep GOING 🏋️‍♀️
Thats when you'll see them results!
We are ALWAYS stronger than we think!
Who wants to try these WORKOUTS?
I'm excited to start the 80 day Obsession !! On the 15th of January!!🎉
Who's going to do it with me!!??🤔
User Image kristy.prescesky Posted: Jan 6, 2018 7:11 AM (UTC)

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Be you, for you... unapologetically👊🏻 It’s about the PROGRESS, not perfection. #beyourownbeautiful

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