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totalsa 22s ago
🎁애프터투 리그램 이벤트🎁
수제디저트전문점 애프터투입니다~!
오픈기념 #리그램이벤트 진행합니다
수제마카롱 10구 2분 5구 3분
총 5분께 랜덤으로 보내드려요~
매장픽업/택배 모두가능하니 많은참여부탁드려요~!!
1.@after2_dessert 팔로우 or 좋아요를 눌러주세요
2.이벤트게시물을 리그램해주세요
3.이벤트참여완료라고 덧글을 남겨주세요
4.#가산마카롱 #가산디지털단지마카롱 #수제마카롱 #리그램이벤트 해시태그를 포함해주세요
♥️게시글은 꼭 전체공개여야 합니다♥️
📌이벤트 기간
10월15일 ~ 10월25일
당첨자발표 10월25일 pm9시
마카롱랜덤세트 10구-2분 5구-3분
#after2 #애프터투 #가산마카롱 #리그램이벤트
#수제마카롱 #macarons #dessert
#가산디지털단지역마카롱 #가산현대아울렛마카롱
#regram #event #가산디지털단지역맛집 #가산해담채
Strogonoff de Frango com Brócolis, Arroz e Fritas / chicken strogonoff with broccoli, rice and chips
Being a 1-woman plant-based catering company is both beautiful and overwhelming. What do you do when a dream comes true, and there are deadlines and clients and sundry obligations? Remember why you started. Then practice gratitude. 🙏 I started on this Happy Hungry Journey to soothe my vata-aggravated (and gluten- and dairy -aggravated) stomach. I started this plant-based journey to make sure I was flooding my body with nutrients. Now I practice gratitude that other women actually want to eat the food I make❣I am prepping for an event tomorrow. I'm making Parsley White Bean dip, Rainbow Salad with Lemon Dijon dressing, a brand new secret deviled egg recipe coming soon to the blog, strawberries in Vegan Dulce De Leche dip, and Cacao Bliss Bites for dessert (of course 😂). Which recipe would you most like to try? Let me know in the comments below. What dream are you working on right now? Also let me know that in the comments below- you're never alone❣link in profile for my Rainbow Salad recipe- perfect for any lunch 💗 #mondaymotivation
아담한 디저트가게🍭🏠 엊그제 일하다 다른 친구랑
둘이 가서 얼른 사온,
🍋레몬향 진한 레몬과자랑 🌿말차마들렌
😋맛 있 다

카라멜마들렌 너무 먹고싶었는데
밀가루 먹는날 조만간 꼭 먹어야지
#샤로수길 #안녕과자점
#호지티우유 #마들렌 #까눌레
#dessert #food
Как хочется не позволять окружению и обстоятельствам влиять плохо на настроение... Надо найти больше рецептов, как из всех этих лимонов делать лимонад) 🍋
Macaroons and coffee. Two of my favorite pairings. What's yours?
#coffee #dessert #macarons

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