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Day 1 - very delayed post as I've been sick lol. unfortunately didn't think about doing an inside shot of the bowling alley, as I'm very sick right now and everything is slipping my mind. But this is my home center - I started a little over two years ago, got all of my stuff drilled by Jason Lundquist at the Next Gen Pro Shop, and this is where I've spent hundreds upon hundreds of hours and money since learning this sport. Constant nights of coming in and being the last to leave like shown in the video. And many more to follow. #JustBowlChallenge #day1 @dmac9191
Caught up with my fav fellow betch. Oh the level of sass when we're together.. ❤️💩
🎵 waking up, 'paper'work 🙌🏼 🎶 Airborne Toxic Event: Half of Something Else “I remember your face like a child”... Depeche Mode: Stripped “Let's get away just for one day”... Alex Turner: It's Hard to Get Around The Wind. ”As long as you still keep peppering the pill, you'll find a way to spit it out again” #music #macbook #airbornetoxicevent #halfofsomethingelse #alexturner #itshardtogetaroundthewind #depechemode #stripped #sayanything #badluckblueeyesgoodbye #theblackcrowes
I think im becoming a morning person bc im am imsomniac
when you get home and there was a box addressed to you... waiting to be opened
Kelsey is probably my favorite. 😻🐯👍👍👏❤️♥️🎄🎅

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