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User Image manod_dios Posted: Dec 15, 2017 1:01 AM (UTC)

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User Image mostapha_taher Posted: Dec 15, 2017 12:32 AM (UTC)
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"Construction is the art of making a meaningful whole out of many parts. Buildings are witnesses to the human ability to construct concrete things. I believe that the real core of all architectural work lies in the act of construction. At the point in time concrete materials are assembled and erected, the architecture we have been looking for becomes part of the real world.. If a work of architecture consists of forms and contents that combine to create a strong fundamental mood powerful enough to affect us, it may possess the qualities of a work of art. This art has, however, nothing to do with interesting configurations or originality. It is concerned with insights and understanding, and above all truth. Perhaps poetry is unexpected truth. It lives in stillness. Architecture's artistic task is to give this still expectancy a form. The building itself is never poetic. At most, it may possess subtle qualities, which, at certain moments, permit us to understand something that we were never able to understand in quite this way before."
–Peter Zumthor, Thinking Architecture
User Image hassan.saleh.hassan Posted: Dec 15, 2017 12:16 AM (UTC)

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امتحان ميدتيرم عماره، اسكتش اكوريل لتصميم لواجهه شاليه من طابقين في الغردقه .
بارتفاع 8 متر وطول 12 متر وعرض 10 متر.
الشاليه يتكون هيكله من مظله من التيتانيوم المثبت في الارض بواسطه دعامات حديديه و الزجاج الذكي و الهيكل الرئيسي من الفولاذ و به تكسيه خارجيه من الطوب الحراري تتناسب مع الطبيعة الجبليه للمنطقه.
ارائكم تهمني .

Architecture Midterm exam,an acuarrel sketch of a design for chalet frontside in hurghada.
8m height,24m length and 10 width.
inspired from deconstruction lines and forms.
Titanium sheets connected to the ground with metal parts and smart glass, the base structure is from steel claded with local materials (thermal bricks)
,Suitable for the desert environment as the titanium sheets overcome the wind,reflect sun light and generate clean energy.
Your opinions matters to me 🎤

#deconstruction #manual
#formfollowsfunction #architecture #chalet #design #exteriordesign #interiordesign #abstracted #art #conceptart #concept #organic #inspiration #contrasts #lesdesigners #desert #architects #hurghada #titanium #smartglass
User Image urbanminers Posted: Dec 14, 2017 11:32 PM (UTC)

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Salvaging an old house. Because the materials are incredible. Because it respects the craftsmen that built it. Because it respects our future by not creating waste out of a useful product. Recovering it acknowledges the history. You can't engage in this process without in depth consideration of all the factors. You are able to appreciate this in our display and we can make something from it. Why wouldn't we want to do this? #historicconservation #salvage #oldhouse #deconstruction #housedeconstruction #reclaimedwood #antiquewood #urbanminers #historicbuildings #historichomes #reclaimed #reclaimedtimber #reclaimedmaterials #reclaimedoak #reclaimedmaterials #salvagedwood #salvagedtimber #salvagedlumber #sustainablewood #sustainablebuilding #sustainablechoices #buildingsalvage #oldwood #oldhouse #oldhouses #connecticuthistory #historicsalvage #plankhouse
‘with you or without you’ 18x24” .
About determination, will power and constant forward motion ➰(hanging at 701 Pape Ave. | available via link online)
User Image oliveandbranches Posted: Dec 14, 2017 10:08 PM (UTC)

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I am no longer Christian and I mourn my deconstruction of faith.

I miss walking on Biola grounds
The wild and youthful laughter of friends
Late night conversations
Quietly sneaking into bed
Sleepovers in the room next door
Singing loudly with the wind in our hair and ears
The beach at midnight
The sunlight shining through the caf windows
Coffee shop excursions
Pulling all nighters
The uncomfortable conversations
The people
My soul friends, rather soul family
Doing things we shouldn’t
Worship concerts
The excitement of Disneyland
Feeling secure and safe in the world
And you.
Oh, how I miss You.

Most of all I miss you god.
I miss my friend
My confidant
My rock
The one whom I’d cry at night to in my deepest longing
For knowing what it is like to be full and complete.
You were my shepherd.

But I’d be forsaking myself
To have faith in you again
Like I once did.

I’ve found freedom at the cost of giving you up.

Maybe I can find reconstruction without putting you into a box.
#deconstruction #christianity #theliturgists #yourownmagic #spirituality #poem #oliveandbranches

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