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User Image wild_donn Posted: Jan 23, 2018 8:19 AM (UTC)

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Codex Gigas.

The Codex Gigas is the largest extant medieval manuscript in the world. It is also known as the Devil’s Bible because of a large illustration of the Devil on the inside and the legend surrounding its creation. It is thought to have been created in the early 12th century in the Benedictine monastery of Podlažice in Bohemia (modern Czech Republic). It contains the Vulgate Bible as well as many historical documents all written in Latin. The Codex is bound in a wooden folder covered with leather and ornate metal. At 92 cm (36 in) tall, 50 cm (20 in) wide and 22 cm (8.7 in) thick, it is the largest known medieval manuscript, weighing 74.8 kg (165 lb). Folio 290 Recto, otherwise empty, includes a unique picture of the Devil, about 50 cm tall. Directly opposite the Devil is a full page depiction of the kingdom of Heaven, thus juxtaposing contrasting images of Good and Evil. Several pages before this are written on a blackening parchment and have a very gloomy character, somewhat different from the rest of the Codex. The reason for the variation in coloring is that the pages of the Codex are of vellum. Vellum, or scraped and dried animal hide, “tans” when exposed to ultraviolet light. Over centuries, the pages that were most frequently turned to will have developed this tell-tale darker color.

According to one version of a legend that was already recorded in the Middle Ages, the scribe was a monk who broke his monastic vows and was sentenced to be walled up alive. In order to forbear this harsh penalty he promised to create in one year a book to glorify the monastery forever, including all human knowledge. Near midnight on the last night, he became sure that he could not complete this task alone, so he made a special prayer, not addressed to God but to the fallen angel Lucifer, asking him to help him finish the book in exchange for his Soul. The Devil completed the manuscript and the monk added the Devil’s picture out of gratitude for his aid. In tests to recreate the work, it is estimated that reproducing only the calligraphy, without the illustrations or embellishments, would have taken 5 years of non-stop writing.
User Image fraudeaf Posted: Jan 23, 2018 8:19 AM (UTC)

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White crosses on the church lawn, I want to smash them all. #againstme
User Image xxvro.jahxeh Posted: Jan 23, 2018 8:18 AM (UTC)

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20 today , happy birthday my brother 🔥❤️ @xxxtentacion
User Image n.o.p.s.a Posted: Jan 23, 2018 8:14 AM (UTC)

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Death is the soothing remedy that keeps us moving forward
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