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User Image summerhummel Posted: Mar 24, 2018 3:51 AM (UTC)

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today we celebrated cbells birthday but i'm not going to post any of the pics or vids until her actual birthday #dealwithit !!!!!!!!also swipe for a surprise!!!!!!!!
User Image michellemadden87 Posted: Mar 24, 2018 3:32 AM (UTC)
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User Image kellydiyluv Posted: Mar 24, 2018 3:12 AM (UTC)

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If you are not you, who are you?
When I tried to change for people who told me to, I realized that it wasn’t me... I’m a sassy bitch with which you can choose if you want to be friends with her becuase she does not give a fuck about what you think and she will NOT change for you. #dealwithit .
User Image lani5678 Posted: Mar 24, 2018 3:09 AM (UTC)

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Come out to Stars in Vacaville tonight and party with Papa Joe and the New Deal!! #pjnd #whatsthedeal #dealwithit #starsrecreation
User Image sugarynhoney Posted: Mar 24, 2018 2:32 AM (UTC)

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人往高处想。Dare to dream big, do big , be bold! Look far , think far , be yourself.
Do wat others cannot do , do big things !
Achieve success with hardwork.
#ambitious #luckygal #贵人多 #businessminded #strategies #dontlazy
#moneytalks #dealwithit #weekends
User Image annikaswonderland Posted: Mar 24, 2018 2:28 AM (UTC)

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Netflix freezes in the middle of Dwight’s monologue in The Office.
I ask my boyfriend to fix it, but he’s a little bit snoring. “Unplug it and plug it back in,” he says.
I open up the panel and see this. #seemssafe lol. #nofirehazardhere #whatintheworld
Definitely #firstworldproblems
User Image shwtmhjn Posted: Mar 24, 2018 2:30 AM (UTC)

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Did you party so hard last night that someone found you passed out somewhere you weren't supposed to pass out?
Yeah, me neither... 😏 #Miyu #PassedOut #DrinkResponsibly #DontMix #UnderageDrinking #Hangover #DealWithIt

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