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User Image ebonysdoublejawsurgery Posted: Nov 18, 2017 1:40 AM (UTC)
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Day five vs day ten.
Definitely slightly less swelling on cheeks and the double chin- yippeee!! (This swelling has bothered me the most)
Today was good. The best day so far, in fact. Even if I did have some slight blood leakage from my nose this morning😷
I had a LOT more energy today than I have had in days. I think it's because I'm out about and moving, getting my blood flowing a little..Not just lay on the couch feeling sorry for myself.. which, beleive me, sometimes it's hard to fight that urge!
I'm going outside more and more and staring down or overly-happy waving at people who stare at me.😂
Before surgery I had a very expressive face. I was always pulling ridiculous faces. The kind your mother would tell you 'the wind'll change and you"ll be stuck like that!'
(Jim Carey, eat your heart out!)
Unable to move my face like I used to there's been a lot of eye widening/squinting😂
I've been practicing my smile A LOT, constantly moving my facial muscles and I've gained back quite a bit of control (I think)- save my top lip.
So silly faces all 'round... kind of:')
Another laughing fit today made me realise it doesn't hurt my cheeks to laugh anymore- but if I have my tongue behind my top teeth while laughing the vibrarion against my jaw is a little uncomfortable.
Pea and ham soup is gross. I'd do terrible things for some chips right now.
#JawSurgery #DoubleJawSurgery #JawOperation #MySurgery #Recovery #DayTen #Swollen #Orthadontics #OrthadonticSurgery
User Image weshareourbrushes Posted: Nov 17, 2017 11:57 PM (UTC)
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User Image ausyabloggers Posted: Nov 17, 2017 11:05 PM (UTC)
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Has everyone seen the cover reveal for the latest book in this series? It's gorgeous! -C

#Repost @rollingwiththemoments
#riotgrams ✨ Day 10: Books and Candy

Last year I got to meet @lynettenoni at @supanovaexpo on the Gold Coast. She is such a lovely and sweet person and signed my copy of AKARNAE for me. So what better book to feature for today?! ☺️

Now please excuse me while I chow down on the gummy bears that make up the candy portion of this post. 🙃

#lynettenoni #akarnae #themedoranchronicles #books #candy #gummybears #aussieauthor #aussiesofinstagram #aussie #readersofinstagram #bookstagrammer #bookstagram #bookstagramchallenge #octoberchallenge #challenge #dayten #bookish #ausyabloggers #booknerdlife #booklover #chowdown
User Image muffintopmolly Posted: Nov 17, 2017 9:28 PM (UTC)
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4 crisp breads and 80g of lightest Philadelphia for my lunch today! 8 points only!🍽🤗 #weightwatchers #wwflex #weightlossjourney #dayten #dinner
User Image mama_siren Posted: Nov 17, 2017 7:17 PM (UTC)
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Day 🔟 is for the chance to sit down and work on my next batch of holiday bows. Even though I’m spending all my time trying to make this post! .
Edited: my first caption didn’t post & I’m not about to do it again. So ya 🆗
#day10 #dayten #100days #100daysofhappiness #100daysofhappy #mom #momlife #bows #cute #hairaccessories #girl #girly #girls #sparkles #gold #polkadots #autumnleaves #fall #autumn #crafts #homemade #sneakpeek
Peek a boo, snake waiting patiently for something to feast on, first time in my live I saw something like this. #dayten
User Image lucillian_photography Posted: Nov 10, 2017 11:01 PM (UTC)
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Day ten of the #thankvember and #30DOT challenge is...'work'. I may not be in the 'workforce' per se, but I am a working person. My current bit of 'work' is a writing project which I am scrambling to finish by a certain deadline. It is actually a lot of fun, and I'm thankful for this type of work!
User Image da_limelight Posted: Nov 16, 2017 6:21 PM (UTC)
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●writers note this a throw back to while you and Jack were upstairs●
*Jens POV*
I go and sit down and go on my phone then Jonah comes and sits next to you.
JM:Hey Jen feel my shirt.
J:Ok.. JM: Do you know what its made of?
J: No....
JM: Boyfriend material. Look I know this is weird but Why Don't We date?
J: Yea.
J: Yup.
*End of POV*
●back to normal●
DS: Ummm....hey
You both giggle.
Jack: Hey Da...
You giggle even harder.
*5 minutes later*
DS: I have called this house meeting because I have found something out.. CM(Christina): Wait why are Jack and Y/N holding hands ?
DS: That's why I called this meeting?
Jonah and Jennifer  glare at each other.
JM&J: Ummm... us too.
CB:Yay I'm not the only boyfriend in this group.
CM: So you minded .She says jokingly.
DS: Guys I think... Zach might soon be the only single one.
DS: Well... I found this girl... a fan and she makes really cute edits of us....
Y/N: Whats her fan account  name?
DS: @lovinseavey.
Y/N: OMG. I love her .#DAYTEN. DM HER ...NOW.
JA: She might be a gold digger.
Y/N:  No Jack this is Pae . Daniel you know Nathan follows her .
DS: OK now I definitely have to ask her out.
User Image afrost206 Posted: Nov 16, 2017 1:54 PM (UTC)
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10. Sweatpants (They’re not exactly sweat pants, but they’re the closest thing that I own) #novemberphotochallenge #dayten #sweatpants #morelikepajamapants #strive
Thanks to everyone who came today, Alpha Delta Pi made over 190 cards for RMHC! Im really proud to have put on such a successful event, and I am truly grateful for every person who gave their time to positively benefit others today. You all are rockstars!🌟 #dayten
User Image bethaliceeee Posted: Nov 15, 2017 10:34 PM (UTC)
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Day Ten; Mixed berry overnight oats 🍓🍒 leftover fake Nandos 🍗🍗🍗 pasta Bolognese 🍝🍅 and Brooklyn nine nine 😍😍 #slimmingworld #dayten #brooklynninenine #coolcoolcool #nodoubtnodoubtnodoubt
User Image hannahbroomdesign Posted: Nov 15, 2017 8:13 AM (UTC)
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Day 10 🔟 spent a nice day in London yesterday filled with creative catch ups, coffee shops and exhibitions, it was quite nice sitting and drawing this pattern out on graph paper instead of in my sketchbook too. This pattern reminds me a bit of little USB sticks but it's actually influenced by a heater gate I saw at my local theatre on Monday and I think it's pretty sweet as a block pattern 🎉 #hannahdailypattern #ihavethisthingwithpattern #dayten #repeatpattern #design #linedrawing #graphpaper #print #printandpattern #exhibitions #london #printdesign #patternmaking #patternaday #theatre
User Image tampillay Posted: Nov 15, 2017 7:44 AM (UTC)
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