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reminiscing about paris 🇫🇷, sunshine ☀️and midday wine 🍷 with my best pal when all i've actually been able to do for the past five days is lie in bed demanding someone brings me food and wanting to sleep yet also being entirely unable to due to coughing fits. yes i contracted THE mystery illness that's been plaguing us all. australian flu? who knows. maybe don't let me breathe on you for a while. at least it's been a good opportunity to catch up on game of thrones - already on season 4, what. after years of being one of those people who was all, 'i will NEVER watch it i simply don't have the time. i mean how good is it anyway?' i'm now raving about it to anyone who'll listen (mostly people who are also like 'duh' or 'i told you so'). i do wish jaime lannister had kept his beard though. shame about the hand too. anyway here's to another evening in bed until i'm well enough to drink wine/stand up/do anything without sighing dramatically - and also until i actually have enough money to buy wine that isn't aldi spesh. bye.
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Alrighty....what do we have here @spirittreecider
are these fried maple leaves?! why yes they are!!! lol and not too shabby either. they go great with the delicious #pumkincider or my personal favourite (yes we spell with a "u") the #pearcider .... doesn't get much more #canadian or #hipster than this now does it lol 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦 hipsters...they also allow DOGS on their beautiful patio 😍😍 #blessed...AND in case you were wondering: YES these are #glutenfree #vegan ..even says so on the menu 😜
#canada #weeatleaves #yum #cider #drinks #lastcall #thebar #natural #mmm #beautifulpatio #gorgeousplace #dogfriendly #daydrinks #thanksgiving

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