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// Too exhausted yesterday. Clocking in a quick workout for #day7 this morning after breakfast and before leaving to another city in Sichuan! 🙈🙊😆
#betterlatethannever #gracegetfitchallenge #gracetraveladventure2017 #goodmorning
#mylifeinblackandwhite #7daychallenge #DAY7 you have literally seen my day to day life before your very eyes. doesn't seem like much but I have good people, i have big dreams and I'm excited for these pictures to look completely different a year from now. On my final day I nominate @kittehhazclawz
Day 7 started as the worst day and is ending as the best one. I’ve been trying to alternate Tylenol for my pain meds BUT this morning the Tylenol wore off before I could take my percocet and I experienced the worst pain I’ve ever experienced, so bad I thought I might pass out. Once I got the pills down, I experienced the usual nausea and waited miserably for my hubs to get home. Then, my night in shining armor saved the day. He got me anti-nausea medicine from the doctor and for the first time ever, I felt good after my pills. I can now take the actual prescribed pain meds and not feel like I’m going to throw-up for hours after. Oh, and here’s a picture of my dinner, blended peas mmmmmm 😉 #notallheroeswearcapes #tonsillectomy #recoverymode #day7
드디어 #꽌안응온
반쎄오 2개 시켰더니
직원 아주미가 크댜..엄청 크댜..
2개 시킨거 맞녜..
맞다궁..괜찮다구 했지..
진짜 크더량...
한 접시가 내 손바닥 8개만해..
그래서 남겼남?..
새우, 돼지고기, 숙주..느므느므 맛있어..
돌돌 싸먹으니까..오잉👁👁다 먹구 없넹..
누가 다무거썽...내가..🤤
이거 하나에 68000동(3400원)
근데 이거 메뉴판에..에피타이저에 있었다?...누구 에피타이저가 이래..🐽
여하튼 맛집이여👍
#quananngon #banxeo #apetizer .
#hanoi #day7 #vietnam
Hoje conhecemos esse casal super querido na fila mais romântica do #magickingdom.. que delícia conhecer gente que ama esse lugar na mesma intensidade que a gente, amei!

#Repost @thiagooli1 (@get_repost)
🌳 #day7 #animalkingdom
하노이의 아침
반쎄오 먹으러 가는 길
다큐에서 보던 오토바이떼🏍🛵🚲
여기서 처음 본 큰 병원🏥
공관 같은 건물
100년 된 도서관🏫
은행 등등
호안끼엠에서 느긋하게 조깅하는 척..실패..
신나기 때문이지..🙆‍♀️
쪼그맣게 곳곳에 열리는 시장
한 6시부터 시끌시끌..⏰
#hanoi #day7 #vietnam
#day7 #100daysofhappiness its baileys birthday today, i finished all my antibiotics and my last midterm is friday which means this weekend is abt to get litty 🤑

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