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#ichoosebeauty #ichoosebeautychallenge #day6nature The rain+rainspout & the birds waking up. I'll be sorry when it gets too warm to have the window open to the birdsong in the morning. And I love the rain. Good combination 😊👍 Time for a nap now.
#30daysofgratitude #day6nature I just love all of nature! I love the sun rise, popcorn clouds, blue skies, the beach, rainbows, pink clouds, mountains and baseball fields, fields of sunflowers and sunsets!! #natureshots
Day 6 - Strawberry farm. Cameron Highland 2016.
I've been nominated by dear @zungninjaphotographer & beautiful @imdatinjan to participate in this 7-day nature photography challenge, and I am to post a photo a day for 7 days.

I'd like to nominate @sandeeluk join this challenge by posting 7 photos (1 a day) of nature and its beauty, and to nominate a friend a day.
Have fun~

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These little beauties are called green grocers. Colours vary from yellow, brown, black and the rarer turquoise. Their shrill sounds can reach 150 decibels which puts them up with the loudest in the insect world. Their life cycle is amazing in that their first seven years are spent underground being sustained from the sap of plant roots. Rising from the ground in nymph form they then attach themselves to the trunk and begin their molt. The final stage is to break out of their exoskeleton, dry their wings till hard, and take to the air as full fledged adults, a stage that only lasts six weeks. This image can be viewed full width on #day6nature # insect #cicada #greengrocer #entomology #wildlife #travel #travelphotography
#Day6nature photo challenge: the Way of the Cross trail in the Maltese island of Gozo. Along the trail are statues representing the agony of Christ towards crucifixion. Perfect trail for the penitent hiker. See more here: