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#100happydays #day22
🎉🎶🎂happy birthday to ME! 🎂🎶🎉 ONE year ago today, I launched my own skincare business!!! I cannot believe it’s been a year already!!! I dreamt of being able to help our family a little bit financially & of getting great skin. I wasn’t a skin care junkie nor was I salesy, but I did know the company made sense as a business investment & had seen the products work. My goals have been accomplished & I’ve got new big fun ones now for year TWO!

Today’s happy is celebrating this amazing FIRST year! I can’t express enough how much I ❤️ to reconnect with friends & meet new people, to learn & be trained, to earn $ to help our family and give more (and a secret fun surprise I’m saving for!) and be part of an innovative visionary giving company. 💥

I may just be like a 1 year old toddler learning to walk, but I look forward to all the steps ahead!
Life’s an adventure. Take the chance! If I can do it, so can you!!!! 😘Whatever you’re kinda considering, I so encourage you to do it. Growth comes when we leave the comfort zone. I’ll gladly cheer ya on! (Or join me in my fun adventure & I’ll coach ya!) THANK YOU for encouraging me & supporting me!! What made you happy today?
I stayed positive with the day and it resulted in me having a good day! Who would have thought? #100daysofhappy #day22
today I planned a spontaneous weekend trip and was happy all by myself so 🦆 #day21 #day22 #100happydays
All packed and ready for #foreverfichtner this Friday!! This new thirty one set up is so amazing! Now that that’s done time for date night with my husband with a bunch of wedding movies #365daysof30 #day22 #weddingweekend #matronofhonor

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