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We're in party mode again today at the Distillery! This time it's for a beautifully decorated reception. Did you know you can rent space at Casey Jones Distillery for parties, events, fundraisers and more? Message us or call for details.
User Image claytronius Posted: Aug 27, 2017 5:55 PM (UTC)
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Western #Kentucky wasn't exactly my favourite place to be, but seeing the stars, satellites, and #MilkyWay was nice. The local towns were charging $200 to camp in an open field during 40c weather so we found a free spot in a wildlife management area. Based on how few people camped out I think their greed got the best of them. It was interesting seeing the approach here of $50-150 parking vs the free-$40 camping or $10 parking at places I was originally scouting out in Nebraska. #theamericanway #capitalism #joneskeeneywma #dawsonsprings #eclipse
SIX DAYS LEFT. Every Paul Mitchell product purchase during the month of August earns you 1 entry ticket for your chance to win. #shampooforayear #winshampooforayear #winshampoo #giveaway #avsp #dawsonsprings