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We are in the countdown zone for the release of Web of Wyrd [EP]! On Thursday the full EP will be up for listening on our Bandcamp Page. We are also in process of getting physical CDs made that are going to be BEAUTIFUL! Should be available for distribution as early as next week. Thank you all for witnessing this wild journey and supporting this project. We can’t wait to share what we have been working on with you. Keep your ears open! <3 DOM
#daughtersofthemoon #webofwyrd #homerecording #ep #sunset #magic #portland
I am consistently impressed with what my partner @twoheartedlove brings into the world. I've been hearing this project in its development over the last year and am completely stoked to see @daughtersofthemoonmusic releasing their first ever album to the world October 19th!
Check them out and give these beautiful souls a follow! Download a copy of their album for 7$ at

#webofwyrd #pdxmusic #daughtersofthemoon
Closer to the veil
Our shadows growing longer
Roots go hibernate
On this year’s lunar Samhain, October 19th, our EP will finally be released! Thank you @whit.wolfers for helping us make this goal for this special day. The full EP will be available for free listening on bandcamp. You can also buy our EP to download or buy Web of Wyrd as a physical CD! Gratitude for all the people supporting this creation, and much love <3 DOM
#daughtersofthemoon #homerecording #film #webofwyrd #music #acoustic #folk #magic #witches
Beyond the cards, there’s the sweetness and care offered during readings. Last night, I was offered cookies, apples, rosemary alongside gentle reminders and kind reassurance through this reading by a femme friend. Life has had some overwhelm lately, and I’m feeling deep gratitude to have had time to sit and be and listen and feel. #tarot #femmewitch #daughtersofthemoon #daughtersofthemoontarot #givecare #takecare #magicisreal
Sumerian goddess Nammu represented in the Daughters of the Moon Tarot deck feels appropriate for our Moon in Cancer today. I am focusing on her energy today as we wait for the fate of the end of these wild fires. Really hoping we see an end soon. 🙏🏽💧🙏🏽🌙 #witches #goddess #rain #hopingforrain #daughtersofthemoon
10 years ago my mother gave me the first 4 books of this collection when we lived in Portugal. I got obsessed with the books, but there was 1 problem : there weren't any more of them. The idiots only translated and sold the first 4 books. Smh.
Now here I am 10 years later, and I've finally have them all!
And yes. I'm still gonna read them all too.
#books #lynneewing #daughtersofthemoon #reading #fuckingfinally
✨Fire in the night
Fire in my heart✨

Some loop magic from the early days and late nights of Daughters of the Moon. We would loop by the fireside for hours, drinking tea, dosing on homemade tincture- true self care built into our friendship. We are looking forward to more creation once our EP is finished- one final push to tie up loose ends and Web of Wyrd will be complete.
Keep the flame going as the darkness settles in,
#daughtersofthemoon #webofwyrd #wemoon #moon #magic #fireinmyheart #fall #witches #bossrc505 #loopmachine
✨We are born of the womb
Our own personal sea
Always waiting to go home
Always searching for the shores ✨

With the cycles in motion, and balance of the light and shadow- here is Lady of the Lake-see link in bio!

From our hearts to yours,
Araya and Kristina~Daughters of the moon
#daughtersofthemoon #lakesuperior
#gitchegumee #homerecording #ladyofthelake #webofwyrd #womb #create #femme #harmony #guildguitar #wemoon #equinox #fall #wemoon
You guys!!! Tomorrow morning we release Lady of the Lake into the waters. We will be providing a link to our Bandcamp for you to listen to our tune! Next month we will be releasing our full EP, Web of Wyrd. Be sure to stay tuned ✨🌀💫
The star sheds light on the path even on the darkest nights. She asks you to trust in her guidance as well as your own. She encourages you to break from fear and create a channel that allows for the flow of continuous inspiration.
#newmoon #tarot #tarotcards #daughtersofthemoon
We have exciting news to share! We will be releasing our first single one week from today (Friday September 22nd, 2017 - Autumn Equinox)! Lady of the Lake will be available for listening for free on our bandcamp page (link to come) and option for a $1 download as well. We are hoping to have the entire album completed sometime in October and are looking forward to sharing our creation with you all. Whitney (@whit.wolfers ) has been a huge moving force in this project and we couldn’t be more happy with the work she has put into this project!
This journey has been more than a gift. When we began creating music together, we had no idea we would end up where we are now…recording and sharing our music…what?! Daughters of the Moon & Web of Wyrd began in February of 2016 while we both were full-time midwifery students with full-time lives. Throughout that time, we have found moments in the corners of our lives to create music together that pretty much fell from the sky into our mouths and hands. Seriously. What we are offering to you all in sharing our music is the messages that have come through our hearts and into songs. We offer our music to you all with open hearts and incredible vulnerability. We hope that our music finds its way into the lives of the people who need it. ~~~~~~~~~~~
Keep your ears open for Lady of the Lake next week! .
With love,
Araya & Kristina

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