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2. He says pay attention, notice.
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Thank you so much for sharing your R A I N
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This was just the first wave people arriving to last nights #first #annual #crawfishboil #party that I #deejay . The numbers triple that within and hour! The #dancristea party #rocked #nonstop #allnightlong #peterg #djonabike
Meet Street Photographer @dan.cristea. "I am as guilty as any other artist out there who is never fully satisfied with his output. What pushes me to continue down this path is knowing that the next time I find myself in the streets, or turn a corner, the image I’ve always wanted to capture will be there waiting." Hear Dan at #ExperienceARC Oct 18-20th in Vancouver, BC. (Link in profile)
"ARC is a place where we can share ideas, network, and make new connections - I'm genuinely excited to be a part of it." - Street photographer @dan.cristea will be speaking at #ExperienceARC in 2 weeks. We cannot wait!

Grabbed your ticket? Get on it. (Link in profile)
"I want to spark your inner creativity, give tips on how to maintain it, and learn to communicate with your creative output." Listen to Street Photographer Dan Cristea / @dan.cristea in Vancouver at #ExperienceARC next month!
Tickets limited. Grab yours here >> (link in profile) #streetphotography
We recognise the importance of learning and being inspired by a range of disciplines at ARC.
6 presenters from Wedding + 4 from Commercial, Fashion, Fine Art and Street will touch down this October in Vancouver, BC.
Come hangout and learn with us >> (link in profile).
Image by Street Photographer, @dan.cristea
"Technology renders photography easier; there are no more excuses. This is a great time to be creative." Meet Street Photographer, Dan Cristea who will be joining us this October at ‪#ExperienceARC‬ // We're excited to learn from a variety of disciplines, including street photography!

Learn more about Dan via the link on our profile.
Take a Master Class with a Street Photographer? Have your Portfolio reviewed by a Wedding industry veteran?

Join us for our BONUS DAY >> Seats are limited (link in profile). Image by Street Photographer, @Dan.Cristea of our speakers and teachers at ‪#EXperienceARC
“Technology renders photography easier; there are no more excuses. This is a great time to be creative. I want to spark your inner creativity” - @dan.cristea
Ever seen a street photographer at a wedding and portrait photography conference? ... Thought so ;) So stoked to have @dan.cristea join us in October at #ExperienceARC.
Early bird tickets end tomorrow. Join us!

Link to tickets and all the info on our bio page.

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