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I think it would have been really cool if Lifetime had asked @jenniferellisondancemumsuk to replace @therealabbylee for the last few episodes of @dancemoms instead of Cheryl Burke. I have nothing against Cheryl Burke, but I think it would have been very interesting to bring some international flare to the last few episodes, especially if it ends up being the end of the series. It would've been like keeping it in-house. For that matter, they could have even thought to bring in @angelarmas and @victorsmalley from @starsdanceco and @dancemomsmiami. I'm sure the girls, and probably the mothers, would have loved working with them. I liked Dance Moms Miami and wish it had stayed on. I also liked Dance Mums UK and wish it had stayed on and that lifetime would've aired it in the US, instead of only a couple of episodes. Or, let's not forget the obvious, @giannamartello should have taken the team over and would have been, as she always has been, great at it. #dance #dancemoms #aldc #aldcla #aldcpgh @aldcstudiopgh @aldcstudiola #dancemomsmiami #dancemums #dancers
Reunited and it feels so good!! ##dancemomsmiami love my girls. Thanks for another year of fun n memories for my bday. #Alwaysagreatime #girlsnightout👯how many times u can celebrate ur bday ?? #Thursdayouting
@angelarmas @victorsmalley

nurse: mam, you've been in a coma for 5 years
me: oh boy i can't wait for season 2 of dance moms miami!

love my lane
ac myself
cc cosmicated i think
dt @daddytriana a
truly iconic account
do you ever look at someone and wonder.. what is going on inside their head?
y'all know what goes inside mine!
#dancemoms #lucastriana #dancemomsmiami #gayforlucas
missed editing this papi! tag Bridgette cause Lucas blocked :'/ -gaby! Ps sorry this is short the vid for only 5 secs long :(((
@lucasdancemom #dancemomsmiami #dancemoms #lucastriana #gayforlucas
i love jOjo!!! she's my idle!1!! she's so much better than that brin girl!!1
lucas dancing is amazing 😍😍 this combo was just made for him!! love him ❤️❤️

#dancemoms #dancemomsmiami #lucastriana
-molly 😆😆
she wasn't ugly but she wasn't me 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️
abby lee miller? sorry! i don't stan trash!
make room for the real dance teachers.
oh and finally a post on this account! thanks brigette again for following! @lucasdancemom please tell lucas to unblock us!!
#lucastriana #dancemoms #dancemomsmiami

lucas x womanizer
omg he's such a dad fmu😍😫👏🏻👏🏻 too bad he blocked 😭😭😭

dt: lucas ❤️❤️
cc: myself bitch!
#dancemoms #dancemomsmiami #lucastriana
Love @kimmykopcake 😍 She's such a gorgeous dancer and an incredible entrepreneur. It's amazing how far she's brought her @knkmiami line. She's come such a long way since #dancemomsmiami {#dance #dancer #dancemoms #digitalart #ballet }