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Dancehall artists need a more angled, tactical approach to activate change in the status quo, says Crawford.
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“Dancehall practitioners don’t know their influence & the society don’t accept Dancehall because the society don’t accept itself...” -Damion Crawford (Former Jamaican Member of Parliament)

If you haven’t seen this interview, it’s a must watch simply because Crawford is a politician who happens to be in touch with the ‘streets’ unlike the average politician. The statement above is profound & makes sense! I agree because Dancehall was originally a subculture that became popular culture in Jamaica, a society which is plagued by extreme classism and all the other deep rooted self identity issues that is ingrained in any black republic. It’s always a uphill battle when it comes to marginalized individuals. Thoughts ??💭 💭💭🤔 @nightlyfix @arihammond @edotnaro
In 2016 I saw Ziggy Marley perform in California and last night I got to see Damian Marley!! Anyone who knows me knows i’m a Bob fan. Im grateful I’m able to see his legacy live on through his children since I cant see the og man himself.
#MarleyLove ❤️💚💛
SmT Bob Mouris Hitmi soul inna di wol Area #drop some freestyle video in bit it was fresh morning to all the wisdom and knowledge seekers of the world ###
New York City for some intaview will be back to Ghana soon so don't worry about the truck's and video's
#damianmarley my role model dat
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##Bob Mouris Hitmi soul
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Safe to say, "THIS IS THE BEST ALBUM OF THE YEAR"....#damianmarley 👏🏽👏🏽🔥🔥🙌🏼🙌🏼👌🏾
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