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Happy Monday everyone! After a weekend full of much-needed rest, I'm feeling energized and freakin' pumped to start this new week off on a great note! The fact that it snowed yesterday and it's still on the ground couldn't hurt, either💃🏼
I meal prepped a loaf of my homemade Gluten free and vegan Quinoa Chia Flax Bread yesterday, so I'm having a slice topped with plain @siggisdairy yogurt, blackberries, @purely_elizabeth blueberry hemp granola, @salbachia chia seeds, and @wild_friends pb as some pre-workout fuel! 💯The recipe for this bread is way back in my feed, and I'll also put in up in my stories!
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User Image siggisdairy Posted: Feb 19, 2018 3:52 PM (UTC)

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what morning morning dreams are made of 😍📷: @hannah.guthman #dailysiggis
Currently: 🍫for Breakfast.
But more specifically, gf oats mixed with @vitalproteins dark choco collagen greens, a swirl of vanilla @siggisdairy, organic 🥝s, cardamom & clove AB from @solsticecanyon (heaven), chia seeds, coconut and chaga. Here’s to filling up your bowl with all the good stuff, and starting the week off right (ie. with chocolate). Happy Monday!
Rise and shine! Perfect start to not only Monday, but week 16! Baby has been loving blueberry overnight oats and @siggisdairy...I love how easy breakfast is when it is all prepped and ready to enjoy.
Toast is all you need 👉🏽 @berkshiremountainbakery sourdough / @siggisdairy plain yogurt / apple blueberry compote / maple almond butter / hemp hearts. Recipe below 👇🏽 Happy Monday, friends!
4 oz @siggisdairy plain yogurt
1 tbs @vitalproteins collagen
1 slice @berkshiremountainbakery bread
1/4 fresh apple, diced
Palm 🖐🏽 full of fresh blueberries
2 tsp @coombsmaple maple syrup
Dash of @365bywholefoods cinnamon
Pinch of sea salt
1 tsp @guidosfreshmarketplace almond butter
1 tsp @manitobaharvest hemp hearts
Apple blueberry compote: put a few tablespoons of water into a small pot; just enough to cover the bottom. Place apples in the pot with a pinch of sea salt; cover and bring to a boil. Add 1 teaspoon of maple syrup and a dash of cinnamon; cover, turn flame to low and let simmer for about 5 minutes, or until apples become soft. Add blueberries; stir. Turn off flame and cover the pot so blueberries cook a bit, but don’t become mushy.
Home *mixed* maple almond butter: add 1 tsp maple syrup and 1 tsp almond butter to a small bowl; whisk together. If the mixture is too thick, add a teaspoon of water; whisk again. Consistency should be a little thicker than syrup.
Assembling your toast: combine 4 oz @siggisdairy plain yogurt with 1 tablespoon @vitalproteins grass-fed collagen; mix well. Spread mixture onto a slice of toast. Top with compote, drizzle with maple almond butter, sprinkle with hemp hearts and enjoy your #dailysiggis toast 💓 #samanthasbreadandbutter
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User Image leahsplate Posted: Feb 19, 2018 2:25 PM (UTC)

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I’m one happy person with these gluten-free pancakes topped w all the best goodies this morning! The batter is egg, coconut flour, banana & cinnamon (then cooked in vanilla bean ghee) topped with @siggisdairy coconut yogurt (I’ve been addicted to this flavor lately & it’s lower in sugar/high in protein), blackberry purée, walnuts, hemp seeds, bee pollen & a drizzle of creamy almond butter. #dailysiggis #sponsored
A classic red, white & blueberry yogurt for this President's Day 🇺🇸• @traderjoes dried raspberries (please sell these in bulk if you see this post because this girl goes through a bag a day 🤷🏼‍♀️) • @siggisdairy vanilla skyr • @driscollsberry blueberries • hemp & chia seeds • Sailing through a day with some relaxation and no plans, how great is that?! • How are you spending the day off if you have it? •
Not only is this breakki so delicious, it is so easy to make and eat on the go🚴🏻‍♀️ Between visiting a friend who is a patient in the hospital (who is doing much better and will likely go home today😊😘) and going to work at the hospital, I was able to make this in under 5 minutes and it is so yummy!! Happy Presidents’ Day! ❤️
In a mason jar layer blueberries, @siggisdairy vanilla yogurt, @paleopassionfoods chocolate paleo granola+ @siggisdairy plain yougurt + @vitalproteins collagen powder. Enjoy on the go! 😋
User Image simplesquares Posted: Feb 19, 2018 12:28 PM (UTC)

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We may have missed this beauty over the weekend, but a perfect way to start our Monday - ENJOY! via @turnipyourlife
FRENCH toastin’ to the weekend, and channeling my inner @leefromamerica with this amazing blueberry compote🤤
sadly my weekend is filled with studying for my 3 exams next week😅 but only positive vibes here✨💫 have the best weekend friends💛
the deets: 2 slices of @foodforlifebaking cinnamon raisin toast dipped in a mixture of (1egg + 1/4c almond milk+ scoop of @_pureorigin collagen peptides {optional} + 1tbs of cinnamon + splash of vanilla extract)
for blueberry compote👉🏻 simmer 1/3c frozen bluebs w/ a 1/3c of water for about 10 minutes until a syrup is made {you can add sweeter if you want - I decided not to}
topped with @siggisdairy vanilla yogurt + blueberry compote + @crazyrichardspb PB🥜
#frenchtoast #toast #blueberry #cinnamonraisin #healthybreakfast #dailysiggis via @turnipyourlife
User Image ambereatsclean Posted: Feb 13, 2018 5:12 PM (UTC)

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Reintroducing dairy with my favorite @siggisdairy whole milk yogurt. Big surprise- this is my third round and my third time reintroducing dairy with Siggis yogurt! I just can’t get enough.
#whole30 #januarywhole30 #glutenfree #cleaneats #cleaneating #realfood #reintroduction #reintro #breakfast #dailysiggis #iamwhole30
User Image kaleandconfetti Posted: Feb 17, 2018 4:48 PM (UTC)

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A yummy yogurt bowl on this Saturday morning. Well, I guess it is more of a yogurt mug. Anyone else love eating out of mugs? Comment with a ☕️ if you do. What are your favorite things to eat out of a mug? Have a great Saturday😊
In my mug: @siggisdairy banana & cinnamon yogurt, topped with roasted butternut squash, pomegranate seeds, pumpkin seeds, dark chocolate almond @perfectbar and bee pollen.

#breakfast #yogurt #yummy #healthychoices #eatrealfood #dailysiggis
Tonight’s dinner was WAY too good not to share 🤗
Sautéed veggies (sweet potato, onion, asparagus, & mushrooms), shredded salsa chicken, plain @siggisdairy, guacamole, & @farmhouseculture chips 🤤 SO GOOD 🙌🏻
Spent the day getting work done & recovering from the comp yesterday, thanks for all the love over the course of the day- I had a blast!
Also, tickets are still available for my @wellnessmeetup at @honeygrow in Boston, Feb 27 from 7-9 I’ll be talking about mindful and intuitive eating 💛 link to purchase tix is in my bio! hope to see you all there! #CreatingMyBalance
I love Sundays 😌🌤 had to do breakfast on the go this morning because we had to hop on a flight to Spokane, but I made this bowl earlier this week & it’s calling my name 🤤

Smashed up some raspberries & smeared them into @siggisdairy plain yogurt + 💛🍌 + @grandviewgranola + a plop of my fave @justins maple almond butter. 🙌🏼

I started taking these @avienaturals Ultramicronized Turmeric Curcumin vitamins to help with my immune system & nutrient absorption. These are great because they help with bioactivity at the cellular level to make sure you’re getting the full benefit from the nutrients in your food + they give you superior antioxidant protection, & who doesn’t want that?! 😅👌🏼💊

Hope you have a great Sunday!!! Any fun plans?! 🎉 #DoStuff
Just a lot of the same....Except my new protein that I can't believe no one has told me about! @dymatize peanut butter! Tastes soooo goooood!😋
🍎🥚🥜🍑🐓🦃🍓 #jareneeats

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