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User Image momlifetexts Posted: Feb 26, 2018 3:16 AM (UTC)

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User Image sunmoondaisies Posted: Feb 26, 2018 2:56 AM (UTC)

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I went to the market today for grass fed bones for broth and came back with so much more 🥐🍓🥕 spring is showing itself off nicely already 🌻
User Image barnettclb Posted: Feb 26, 2018 2:54 AM (UTC)

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2 months and 8 days ago I gave birth to my daughter. This is what I look like 2 months and 8 days postpartum.
No - I haven’t “snapped back immediately” the way everyone swore I would.
They say “9 months on, 9 months off”. It took 9 months to grow your baby, give yourself 9 months to feel like yourself again.
I am going to give myself plenty of time to work hard on myself and get back into a body I can be comfortable in. No time limits, no pressure. Just eating as clean as I can and getting a work out in whenever June lets me - even if I have to use her as a weight! 👶🏻
@riss0211 has inspired me to post my before photos. Though it is a little hard to be that vulnerable online, I know it will keep me held more accountable.
Here’s to self love & self care! 💛
#postpartumjourney #postpartumjoy
User Image newmomadventures Posted: Feb 26, 2018 2:53 AM (UTC)

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I’m in awe every day that this little guy came from me. I don’t deserve such beauty and happiness. He is so joyful all the time. He loves animals and Music. He loves tapping on my giant teeth. He loves meeting new people. He loves life. It’s times like this when I want so badly to believe in God, but I just feel nothing. Whatever IS or ISN’T out there, I’m grateful to be a tiny speck on this ball of dust in the universe with all of you. 🖤
User Image nicole__pacheco Posted: Feb 26, 2018 2:53 AM (UTC)
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Loved taking this guy to the park today (in our matching denim shirts because I’m that mom...😂). His favorite thing is to watch Indy and will giggle at whatever he does. So to say he loved watching Indy run around all over the park would be an understatement!
User Image theextraoridinarylife Posted: Feb 26, 2018 2:45 AM (UTC)

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Special delivery from @maxicosiusa
We are super excited to get Ori into her big girl car seat!! We can’t wait to unbox this & get it installed!! Although I think I’m more excited than Ori is 😂 Want to see a mini review & see the pria 85 in action? Head to the link in my bio & watch!

#carsear #maxicosi #carseatsafety #pria85
User Image myjoyfitjourney Posted: Feb 26, 2018 2:31 AM (UTC)
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Hey lady! I’m Danet (duh-nay) and I’ve been 👀 looking for you! -

Are you a mommy or mommy to be perhaps? 🤰 -

Do you feel like you’re not sure who YOU are anymore, but it seems like anything for you these days must be selfish, so you literally survive day to day, taking care of everyone’s needs but your own? -

That was how I felt too. 😅

I’ve been in your shoes: waking up overwhelmed & dead tired, feeling less than confident in myself, & worried about everything from kids sleeping schedules to why the Costco bill was so high. I had that desire to make changes, but no confidence in sticking to anything. I felt trapped in past failures. -

I was missing that sense of purpose for something bigger than myself, and that faith in my ability to make a difference outside my own home. -

Now I wake up with purpose & motivation to be a source of JOY in my family’s life, & in the lives of those around me every day. -

That’s why I’m looking for you! -

I have 10 mentorship openings for MARCH!

I want to personally mentor you & show you how I’ve built a lifestyle where I: - 🙌🏻wake up every day in the uniform of workout leggings & cute scrappy sports bras 🙌🏻drink peppermint vanilla milkshakes every day 🙌🏻workout in early mornings before your kids wake up, or while your toddlers climb on top of your back while you do planks and pushups 💪🏼 🙌🏻have the opportunity to travel for “work” & take vacations as a family (we will be headed on our tropical family trip in April!) 🙌🏻inherit a supportive community of other women & positive people 🙌🏻develop the confidence in your authentic self & the impact you can have in the world

You don’t have to be in the best shape, know how to run a business, or even be knowledgeable about all you could do to live a healthy lifestyle; & you don’t need a huge social media network.

You DO need a willingness to learn, the desire to help others, the HEART & COURAGE to pursue your dreams. -

If any of this sounds like something you’d be interested in, comment, ME PLEASE, and we can get in touch! -

Serious future JoyFIT crew members only please!
User Image baileegaetz Posted: Feb 26, 2018 2:20 AM (UTC)

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Can’t even handle this little squish face 😍
User Image baileegaetz Posted: Feb 26, 2018 2:18 AM (UTC)

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Wish I could say he got those baby blues from me 🤷‍♀️
User Image marie_hufnagle Posted: Feb 26, 2018 2:07 AM (UTC)

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While Stephen was at a conference this weekend It got super cold and we burned through a lot of wood in our hearth. We ran out of what we had stocked and I needed to go out twice to get more. Well because it was cold and raining I decided to hulk out with our largest laundry basket and trek out to the woodpile full it up and bring it in. But here’s the clencher, not only was it a huge laundry basket I beyond filled it with wet wood and toted it back in agonizing slow steps. ...I could have made 2 trips but I’m a one trip kind of gal. Sooooo needless to say I was in pain after. Pretty sure I pulled something. ...I am so so glad I have these gems on hand! This pain cream is INCREDIBLE!!!!!! Like you don’t even know! Unless you have it then you do, Ha! I’ve been using it each time I feel stiff and achy. #onetripwonder #mommasgotthis
User Image beccabrisc Posted: Feb 26, 2018 1:57 AM (UTC)
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Our weekend consisted of all laughing together, clapping, giving {endless} kisses, making funny noises with our mouths & walking around different places. Super grateful for my 2 boys.
So this happened. She obvs thought she was beyond hilarious. #madelineonthewindowsill
this picture was supposed to be about kennedy until I realized...CHARLIE IS WORKING THE CAMERA!!!
User Image courtneyespejo Posted: Feb 26, 2018 1:44 AM (UTC)

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I could watch this baby sleep all day 😍 See more from last week #ontheblog this evening! #linkinbio
User Image wellnesswithheather Posted: Feb 26, 2018 1:33 AM (UTC)

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That look when you’re just not going to participate 😂 ✨ too cold, too windy, too close to nap time and you want me to get my pictures taken mom!? ✨
Thank you @tonya_folkringa_photography for working with us!

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