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User Image pricklysweet Posted: Jan 9, 2018 12:26 AM (UTC)

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One of my goals this year is to get projects completed. I started my 30 days of grateful journal in November and then got sidelined with hand issues. I kept taking photos and am now getting around to documenting them. It will take me a bit of time, but here are 4 days to add to the book. #projectinprogress #catchingup #betterlatethannever #scrapbooking #scrapbook #hybridscrapbooking #memorykeeping #documenter #picturesandwords #thankful #monthofthanks #cz30daysofthankful
User Image czdesign Posted: Dec 11, 2017 9:34 PM (UTC)

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My #cz30daysofthankful book just arrived from @artifactuprising. Looks just divine. ❤️
User Image nfoz_128 Posted: Dec 2, 2017 2:15 PM (UTC)

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Day 30-thankful for this guy and this place: husband and partner for over 40 years, and this beautiful country home for almost as long. Love and laughter, cows to look at (and not have to feed), room to breathe, and beautiful sun rises and moon sets. #iamblessed #godisgood #cz30daysofthankful #latergram
User Image youngwildandcrafty Posted: Dec 2, 2017 6:41 AM (UTC)

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Day 15/30: Aside from my favorite fine art and craft festivals, my next favorite would have to be the annual #miamibookfair . I’m thankful that I get to attend every year and as always, leave with a few great selections. Thankfully, there was great weather since it has always poured in past years. #cz30daysofthankful #thankful #oldbooks #oldbooksmell #youngwildandcrafty
User Image youngwildandcrafty Posted: Dec 2, 2017 6:15 AM (UTC)

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Day 14/30: I’m so thankful for baking and cooking. It’s definitely a special skill that takes love and passion, it’s not for everyone. It can definitely feel like I drag when it’s done out of necessity, but I love being inspired to try new recipes and make old recipes better. This was my first time making homemade biscuits (sans obnoxious popping tube that freaks me out every time) and this recipe is most definitely a winner! #cz30daysofthankful #thankful #baking #cooking #youngwildandcrafty
User Image youngwildandcrafty Posted: Dec 2, 2017 6:10 AM (UTC)

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Day 13/30: Today I’m thankful for haircuts! Nothing makes you feel like a new person quite like getting fresh cut and color (and the scalp massage is always a plus). I’m loving this darker color for the fall/winter season. #cz30daysofthankful #haircut #color #thankful #youngwildandcrafty
User Image youngwildandcrafty Posted: Dec 2, 2017 6:06 AM (UTC)

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Day 12/30: I’m thankful that I get to drink some of my favorite beverages out of beautifully designed holiday cups. This was my first of many for this season! Definitely want to try making something awesome with these before I can’t get my hands on them anymore. #cz30daysofthankful #starbucks #starbucksholidaycup #thankful #youngwildandcrafty
User Image youngwildandcrafty Posted: Dec 2, 2017 6:02 AM (UTC)

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Day 11/30: I’m so thankful for live concerts. There’s just something so energizing and refreshing when I get the chance to see my favorite bands perform in person. As a whole, these are experiences that will always be special to me. #cz30daysofthankful #thankful #concerts #livemusic #youngwildandcrafty
User Image smsmith101456 Posted: Dec 2, 2017 4:02 AM (UTC)

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