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What in the world!? First time I've ever seen a "Farmer's Fridge" in my life! You can choose a mason jar of salad and toppings pre-made or you can choose a base of lettuce and pick your toppings and then recycle back the jar. Whoa. 😳😮
Totally changes the whole "fast food" and vending machine options!!!! Have you ever seen these or tried them before?
Come one, come all to another night of Canvas & Coffee! Stop in to sign up for this spooky night of fun! $10 off to the first 5 who sign up! #SPoT
We'll be honest: this is the weirdest mug we've ever used.
The amount of things I accomplished this morning before I poured this cup of yum makes it that much better.
Sweet and simple, @lovemysilk hazelnut soy creamer & @vitalproteins collagen peptides. I've tried drinking my coffee black (no thanks) & other dairy free options, but this is my fave because it still has the creaminess that milk does! •

If you aren't already taking collagen peptides head over to amazon now and order them. Gives me relief in my neck, back, and knee after my car accident (better than the chiro even!) and does wonder for my skin, hair, and nails. You won't regret it, thank me later.
In the last 24 hours I have...
•Signed up 6️⃣ new coaches on #SelfLoveDynasty •Had 5️⃣ cups of coffee
•Read 4️⃣ messages from women in my accountability group that are already losing weight on week one
•Done 3️⃣ loads of laundry •Helped 2️⃣ of my coaches move their business forward
•Spent 1️⃣ full hour in silence reflecting and praying for all God had done for us

Your life is what YOU make of it. Choose a good attitude and opportunities will arise. Go CRUSH your Monday peeps. 👊🏻

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