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Ah, nature time 🌿

A barefoot walk through the forest is the perfect solution.... For just about any problem.
#Choctaws, who have a great affection for the sacred mound of Nanih Waiya, and a mound-building civilization that flourished in North America about 2,000 years ago. This civilization constructed approximately 100,000 mounds in the greater Mississippi River Valley, some of which are among the most colossal structures of antiquity. The base of the Great Temple Mound at Cahokia, Illinois, for example, is three acres larger than the #greatpyramid of Egypt. Archaeologists believe Nanih Waiyawas probably constructed around 500 are an ancient people, but by their own account, they were the last of earth's inhabits to appear. According to Choctaw belief, the first people to appear upon the earth lived a great distance from what would become the Choctaw homeland. These people emerged from deep beneath the earth's surface through a cave near the sacred mound, Nanih Waiya. They draped themselves on bushes around the cave to dry themselves in the sunshine, and then went to their distant homes. Many others followed the same pattern, finding homes closer and closer to the cave. The Choctaws were one of the great nations of the western hemisphere, with an estimated population of 20,000 people living in more than 100 agricultural centers. The #Cherokees and the #Creeks were of similar size. Choctaw territory encompassed more than 23 million acres in present day #Mississippi as well as portions of #Alabama and #Louisiana. #ancestors #ancientpyramids #webeenhere #indengenousPEOPLE #myancestors #chahata #spiritualvibes #motherearth #history #teachyourchildrenwell
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WOOHOO 😁 Cannot wait for our trip away tomorrow!
No kidlets.. Just me, the hubby, our 4WD and the dirt road ✌🏻🌳🚙

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