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Sneaky peek into yesterday’s event setup at Yaroomba 😍#redlove
The prettiest pair of friends you''ll ever eat
SIMON SAYS : Exercise daily, because you can!
(challenge at the bottom of this novel)
There are a million reasons to keep fit, besides the emotion grabbing, image obsessing, social media posts we drown in..
👉 To maintain Strength for everyday living necessity.
👉 To prevent old age.
👉 To have Fun, with friends, family, sporting groups.
👉 To maintain health, heart, lifelong immune function.
Etc etc..
Yes, I wrote on the photo #Fsocialmedia which is ironic seeing I'm using social media to say it..
Yes, even F this post!
All I'm stressing is,
👉 Get Outdoors
👉 Play with your kids
👉 Go on adventures
👉 Do things you've never done
Fill your mind with ideas that require function, but not a certain appearance!
If you do 1000 fun active things a week, you'll be fit more than likely.
Forget doing it to look ....
'glam' as they say, for weddings, reunions, social events etc
Forget looking like sexy, ripped online, brand selling, tits n ass showing fitness fanatics!
You live to care about doing as much as you can before you die, not to care about being judged or feeling S#it by whoever you think you may need to impress.. #Fcritics
The fake friends on social media don't deserve an opinion.
Your real friends in real life don't judge you on your appearance.
Be Active, Exercise, Workout, whatever you call it, because you simply want to try everything & to live better!
Surfing, rock climbing, obstacle races, fun runs, dancing, trampolining, volleyball, mountain climbs..
Anything & Everything!
But do it, because it's all your body requires of you, to function for as long as possible!
To avoid an age care home one day, right?
see how long you can last, posting online about the way you look, selfies, etc etc.
We've all seen 'fitness celebrities' post pics saying, "enjoying the beach", but you can't see the beach past their cleavage or ass..
"show us the damn beach!"
We already know what you look like 😎
So, whatever you do, wherever you go, if you choose to post about it, show us the moment, place, activity etc & tag me, & these tags to see if we can generate a new 'movement' as they call it, of people simply living..
Check out these director chairs😀made out of cane rather than wood...time for a picnic or just display on the deck with this folding slatted table💚Don't forget we have a huge GARAGE SALE tomorrow down at the shed 8-3 😘#beachhouse #sunshinebeach #recycledfurniture #whitefurniture #picnic #coolum#chairs#tables
Track was beat up by the rain but perfect now. 👌🏼practice will be on Sunday 8:30-2pm. Hopefully tomorrow's rain misses us. 🤞🏼🤞🏼#sunshinecoast #coolum #sandtrack @dmc_65
Holy guacamole I am sooooo excited about the launch of this LIMITED EDITION range of #maxiskirts !!!!! BUT .... my computer has frozen uploading them (EEEK!)...... as soon as it’s fixed and they’re online I will let you know!!!!! Even if it’s midnight he he (I’m that excited!)
#handmade #fashion #gypsy #maxiskirt #boho #beads #fun #happy #colourpop #colour #lover #instadaily #musiclover #dancer #festivals #twirls #dancing #dancemoms #tribal #supportsmallbusiness #sunshinecoast #eumundi #noosa #coolum #caloundra #woodford
15 months. The best 15 months of my life ever!
We're cupping tomorrow at 11am and would love for you to join us!
Just a reminder that this Monday we won't be cupping, so you could join us tomorrow or the following week.
— — — — — — — — — — —
Open Mon-Sat from 7AM // // PH: 5474 2036
— — — — — — — — — — —
Happy Friday everyone. My dad left today so I thought I would share this jump from during the week. #coolum #jump #jumpmagazine #happyfriday #dad #familyfun
New Tees coming soon || Surf and Drink Coffee ‘till the bitter end’ || @ryanlbowles nailed it ⚡️👊⚡️
We love it 😍 After numerous conversations with Dick, the dairy farmer 🐄 it was an easy decision to stock his milk. Guaranteed, everyone will love this milk as much as we do.
#eumundi #noosa #milk #madelocally #dairyfarmers #realmilk #farmer #oldfashioned #goodness
Summer is 6 weeks's not too late to do something now. We offer 7 day free trials for locals, and we'd love to help you get fitter, shed some weight, tone muscle and eat clean this season. Come in this afternoon 4:30 or 5:30pm or tomorrow 5:45am, 7am or 8:15am to join the F45 movement... If you are new to our studio, arrive 15minutes before class, with a towel, water bottle and your runners, we can sign you up for your trial, and you can join our class guided by personal trainers. It's that easy! Our style of training is designed for all fitness levels, especially yours 😉 "The body achieves what the mind believes" #youcandoit #healthylife #getfitnow #coolum #f45training

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