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Being your mummy is the greatest achievement in my life Luna! 🌙
Since being your mummy;
1. I gained the super powers to do 5 things at once, 1 handed on minimum sleep.
2. On the note of sleep... many mornings I awake in awkward positions, many times upright or leaning over 😂 to ensure you are comfortable and safe.
3. Nights are hectic! 10pm+ Yes mummy stays awake when you are peacefully sleeping to ensure you have feeds throughout the night, a tidy house to play in & clean clothes for you to dirty the very next day.
4. Oh I WORRY! If you are getting enough milk, if you are satisfied and happy? & if Iv eaten enough through the day & had enough water to maintain my supply?
5. No one tells you how BEAUTIFUL, exhausting and demanding Breastfeeding can be to your body and mind. It is amazing what the human body can do & everyone's journey is different.
6. Making time for yourself.. it's hard to spend time with yourself. Mummy enjoys taking you to workouts or stare at you while you are sleeping (lol)
7. No one tells you how much you value help or a msg from your closest friends asking how you are going? Your sister coming over to rescue your plants and your dad making you a cup of tea.
8. the reassurance of hearing "You're doing a good job"
9. I love being my partners number 2 in life. You have the most incredible bond with your daddy Luna & I am so lucky to know you will always be his number 1.
10. From family, friends & parents you meet in changing rooms, take the best pieces of advice & run with it. At the end of the day - I know you the best my first seed 💕
11. In 10 weeks you have more than doubled your birth weight, grown an extra 10.5cm in length, blessed us with beautiful smiles & further blessed me by sleeping through the night 3 times in a row 😂
P.s I know I'll never know if I'm doing it 'right' but it's fun making it up as we go along with you baby girl xx
Inagaro au iakoe Luna Rose Kura
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Oh my Buddha! This pic makes me look like I have long legs! I actually don't, though, because I'm only 4'13" 😆💦🌺🌴 [Aitutaki Lagoon Resort and Spa, Akitua, Cook Islands]
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