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A new friend of mine took me a "laban lang kahit pagod na pagod na post" photo. #candid #photography #conyo #convo #tambay 📷@ellmrls 📍👬
AYYYYYY #CONYO 😳😳😳 I WON'T HAVE IT ANY OTHER WAY... @Regrann from @bro.hankh - Repost from @siriusgent using @RepostRegramApp - There is nothing like the Artistic Feminine Form in motion. Wisdom, Beauty, and Strength.
courtesy @alexdelora. " Its a great misconception that belly dancing exists to entertain men," says instructor and performer "Shakti." "In the Middle East, good girls dont perform for strangers in public for money.

Traditionally, belly dancing is done in the home for family members."
Still, men might be forgiven for being entertained. The exotic Middle Eastern form of dance, which introduced the exposed midriff and gyrating hips long before Britney Spears made them a fashion accessory, has enthralled them for centuries. Here in Charlottesville, Shakti is trying to change that perception.
To that end, Shakti (whose real name is Debbie Cole) lists the health benefits of belly dancing. "Its very low impact yet strengthens the muscles in the back, the abdomen, and the corset," she says. "My teacher was a grandmother, but she had the body of a teenager."
Indeed, its hard to believe that Shakti (who declines to give her age) is the mother of three.
"I started belly dancing after my first son was born in 1994," she says. "But I had always wanted to belly dance. There was something about it that called to me. I took to it like a fish to water."
Shakti– who describes where she lives as "the middle of nowhere" in Nelson County– teaches out of a downtown studio in the Glass Building. She has built up a following of about 20 belly dancing students, and she and her dance troupe, Cinnamon Phoenix, regularly perform dances inspired by the "myths of the psyche" such as the Phoenix myth.
So whats with the stage name?
"Shakti is the name of an Indian deity of the feminine principle," Cole says. "When I teach and perform belly dance, Im seeking to channel womens energy and womens empowerment." #SiriusElevation #SiriusGent #bellydance #inspiration #dancer #motivation #instarepost #alexdelora #bellydancer - #regrann
Since it's already taglamig, masarap mag eat ng spicy ramen!
Dig in! 😅
#conyo #spicyramennoodles #winter
I’m speechless. 🤐 I can’t explain how I feel at the moment 😔😂😩🙂😫😭😰😥😴 #kidslovemom #kidslove #kidstagram #conyokid #conyo #kidsthesedays #kidsexpression
Joint venture with separate pay 😂😂😂 with babaeng ayaw magpa-picture, siya na lang ang magpi-picture. @liteeeeel: like, We're going to Sherwood next and look for that DJ to make hanap hanap boys na ha? 😂😂😂 #happythursday
Die Zeit des Songwritings beginnt! Ich freue mich auf neue Sachen.
PS: Freitag nochmal in Essen mit #Conyo #Sounddefekt. Kommt rum!
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Niba-browse ko lang yung gallery ko and then I saw this. The "90's boy band member" haircut really suits me, you think? HAHAHAHAHA #Jeje #Conyo #LongHair #BawalSaCvSU #NagtatagoSaGuardDays
Of all the times, #bigben happens to be under renovation. 😐 #conyo I’ll still take it tho 😍