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誕生日プレゼント&お手紙貰いました🎁💗 くれた子アリガトウ🙏🏻😚 ピンク感強い🎀💕💓💗 大事に使います🙏🏻 #誕生日プレゼント#birthdaypresent#お手紙#letter#thankyou#pink#大阪#chocolate#handcream#towel#お守り#contactcase#スケジュール帳#大事に使います
ベティーちゃんのミラーとコンタクトケース2個ドンキにて💜💜 #ベティーちゃん #bettyboop #mirror #contactcase #💋
Forgot your contacts case? No worries we got you! 👊🏻 Remember your contacts must be removed before your lash appointment ☺️ $3.99 per case
#contactcase #pulselaserclinic #eyelashextensions #safetyfirst #wegotyou
My contact lenses in their case look funny and adorable! ☺️ almost like a still shot from a claymation cartoon (can't think of an exact character it resembles, but generally that style of visual art) 🎥 I've been wearing glasses since circa 2002, started wearing contacts within 1 year of that, and started wearing colored contacts within 1 year of that. 👁 Ever since then, I've always worn some variant of green or hazel during the day, and only wore my glasses for the few minutes at the very beginning of my mornings and very end of my nights before going to sleep. 👓 I love the way the green/hazel color complements my skin, hair, and facial features. 😌👌🏼 Bittersweetly, if all goes well, I plan to have LASIK eye surgery within the next few months (hopefully by the end of 2017!) 🙌🏼 I've heard nothing but good things about it from my friends who've had it done, and only getting better as technology improves and refines over time. 🔬 I'm going to miss my [albeit faux] green irises once I stop having to wear contacts, and it'll be quite strange going back to sporting my natural jet-black irises that I'm not very fond of, but I'm looking forward to the freedom from the contact ritual every single morning & night. Hallelujah! 🙌🏼 It may be a few months off, but I'm already getting excited. 💓 #eyes #contacts #contactlenses #graduatingfromcontacts #lasik #lasikeyesurgery #2020vision #greeneyes #hazeleyes #jetblackeyes #contactcase #cuteface #cartoonface #claymation #keroppi #keroppithefrog #sanrio #sanriokeroppi
#travel can be stressful when it comes to packing and managing your items! That's why Charming Charlie's line of mini organizers (like this contact case) makes a perfect gift for those who are constantly on the go (plus it's adorable). #giftshop #creativegifting #giftsforme #gifts #gift #gifting #contactcase #giftideas #giftsforhim #giftsforher #birthdaygiftideas #christmasgiftideas #giftspiration #travelling #travelabroad #unique #creative #organization
Here's a super handy tip for you today: to cut down on bottles that take up space when you travel, use contact cases instead! Michael and I both wear contacts so we have a gazillion cases laying around (they're also really cheap to buy if you don't happen to have a ton) and when we went to Salt Lake City in June I used a bunch of them to transport some of our liquids. That's especially handy if you're trying to fly with a carry on only (we didn't on that trip but it was still nice to not have to take up as much space). They hold more than you'd think, too!
Some of the things I put in contact cases:
⭐️My facewash (it's very concentrated so I only needed a little)
⭐️My face scrub, and morning and night face lotions
⭐️The kid's shampoo and toothpaste (the foaming pump bottle you see there had the kids' bath soap since we needed more of that than would fit in a case)
⭐️2 loads worth of laundry soap (also very concentrated so a contact case held plenty)
This trick would also work for makeup, balms, creams, etc. - use your imagination!
If your anything like me your always trying to come up with new inventive ways to do things! Well I'm super excited I ran across this idea of using a contact case to store pills for your purse, or in my case a two day little trip with the husband! It fits my Multi-greens and Super B tablets specifically two of each in each side! Score! I just hate bringing the big bottles or putting them in ziplock bags it just felt so unorganized but I'm feelings super awesome with this idea❤️ Now to narrow down which oils I need to stash in my little oil pouch! Hopefully I can make my mind up to 5 or 6 oils😂😂. Can't wait to get away for a day but already missing my babies(and I haven't even left them yet😂 not until 4 or so 🤷🏻‍♀️) I will be slathering on my stress away that's for sure. Oh and I get to see my best friend Saturday morning who moved down to by where we're going! She doesn't have social media or I would totally give her a shout out! It's been to long! She got a new puppy too so I'll be snuggling that little polar bear looking puppy❤️❤️😍😍 #oils #genius #superb #multigreens #stressaway #missingthekids #vacay #vacation #foradults #contactcase #family #letsgo #packing #desmoines #alltheningxia #coffee #isamust

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