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User Image chloesclo Posted: Nov 21, 2017 9:15 AM (UTC)
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For the love of all things vintage and resale at Chloe's leather DKNY crossbody bag...@nana_kagga#chloescloset#DKNYbag#DKNY#bag #consciousness#bag#musthave  #256shopping #fashionistafind #256experience#leather#individualshopper #individualitymatters#recycle #fashion#leather #leathergoods #recycle#economista#economist #musthave #savavannahhouse#salaama

Directions are as follows:
From the Clock Tower in the City Center follow Entebbe Road until Kibuye, take a left onto Salaama Road and drive (for about 8-10minutes max!) until you see a HOME PRIDE supermarket sign in hot pink on your left (upper side) continue until you see the HAKI PETROL  on your left (upper side) past that a few meters ahead on your right you will see a white sign saying GRACE MIRACLE CENTER on your right (lower sign), turn on the dirt road on that dirt road with this sign (there is also a car wash) and drive down to the first black gate on your right and drive into the compound. This is Savannah House where Chloe's Closet is now located.

The address is actually Plot 111 Salaama Road.

If lost or just have inquiries please call us on 0784814748.

User Image starletlightwork Posted: Nov 21, 2017 9:15 AM (UTC)
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The deep observation of nature can transform your consciousness into a higher consciousness that will awaken your true being.

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User Image zohralife Posted: Nov 21, 2017 9:12 AM (UTC)
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Sometimes all we need is to listen to the voice from deep within. Even when people say things that you have to do, don't listen to them all the time just know... that you know what's best for you. ❤️🙏
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User Image eryka_stanton Posted: Nov 21, 2017 9:07 AM (UTC)
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Have you encountered the ferocity of deflection? It’s a pandemic of epic proportions- especially active in the those stuck in victim consciousness. If a person feels ‘exposed’ they will run circles to deflect their issues on to others. They will get angry, blame, run around speaking bad about others and reduce another by any means they can. They will manipulate to the hilt, deflect, project, lie, blame and pull all sorts of things out of their hat to win supporters. It’s incredible how the EGO animates itself when it is called to take responsibility. The victim is automatically active and no amount of rational thinking will stand against it digging in its heels. Amazing but sad to watch. These people cannot be helped, they can only be tamed with boundaries. Learn to draw the line and love them anyway.. 🙌👆✨✌️ Eryka
User Image awakeningtoyourpurpose Posted: Nov 21, 2017 9:11 AM (UTC)
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Don't let the word "can't" stop you from living your life. You can do anything with a dash of meditation, a splash of dedication and a pinch of determination. The only limitations are the ones we place on ourselves! 🙏🕉

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User Image jessicareid333 Posted: Nov 21, 2017 9:09 AM (UTC)
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Wanna hear about one of the 'weird' things that I practice for manifesting..? I didn't learn it from anyone else, I just started doing it from a place of inspiration / playfulness and it created a new flow of money in my life.. I started tending to my relationship with money in the same way I tend to my relationships with myself and my loved ones, I started infusing love into my relationship with money, I started COMMUNICATING with the consciousness of Money, I started literally welcoming a new level of money into my space, I even starting writing love letters to money stating what my intentions were - Gratitude, Respect, Mindful Spending, Purpose, Creativity, Joy, Generosity and Circulating Money on behalf of the universe.. If you'd like to hear all about it and literally be guided through my process, The ‘Communicating With Money’💰 Training & Meditation is up in the Soul Spirit & Source Academy Platform!
This is a very 'strange' (Well, not strange if you understand that everything is consciousness and we are connected with everything) yet a super powerful practice🌀✨ You’ll love this new manifesting method and I'm sure you'll have a lot more fun with your income & spendings from this space of consciousness
If you're an Academy Member - The link to the Platform is in your email and in our FB Group

If you'd like to become a Soul, Spirit & Source Academy Member and join our lightworker community, Click on the link in Bio💫

Much Love,
Jessica x
User Image nickyjankovic Posted: Nov 21, 2017 9:07 AM (UTC)
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Be proud of your body, love your body, accept your body...don't get me wrong these are all great sentiments with mostly goodwill behind them, however I can't seem to get on board with these messages entirely because I think we should be more concerned with WHY the fuck are we so focused on and concerned with how our body 'looks' purely on the outside in the first place? All this body positive and self-love etc has the right intentions but if we look at the foundations of what is going as opposed to trying to fix the surface level stuff, the whole problem is WHY should we be focusing so much on our bodies at all? Our lives should be about actually living, contribution, experiences, making memories...not wasting (in most cases) our entire lives trying to 'love our body' and 'accept' it. I think that we should instead be working on cutting off mindless social media scrolling, manipulative marketing, 'following' influencers who 'motivate' us from a negative place and not a positive one. We need to instead be encouraging each other to get on with your lives, find things you love and enjoy and are are passionate about, spending time around people who truly love and cherish you, and having more important conversations.
Today while I was working, I stopped and consciously thought about whether I was 'proud' of my body or not. I came to the conclusion that I was neither really lol, because frankly it's binary. I literally have my health, the privilege to live an optimal life in a wonderful country, loved ones who care for me, and more important things to do on this planet that spending my day trying to make myself 'love my body'. I mean seriously is all that effort really truly helping the issue? Or is it in fact keeping you stuck in a headspace consumed with thoughts on how your body looks. It is yet again another way that keeps us thinking about and focused on our body and appearance.

I think the better solution for the majority of women is to actually change your perspective completely. Instead of committing your life trying so hard to accept your body, let's instead get so fully engaged in life and aim to commit our thoughts and each day to more ⬇️ read below...

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