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"I will remove this cone from my head and I will kiiiiiiiill you." #coneofshame
A wonderful weekend spent with naps, pumpkin carving/eating, and long walks (which mommy didn't take any pictures of... 😣) Favorite napping spots are right next to mommy and daddy ♡
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So the last part of the workout is mediation and this just didn't workout at all. When she said breathe in... all I got was my baby in my face and not the freshest of breath. 😂😂 My baby had to go to the vet yesterday and because be has really bad allergies he started to chew his tail to the point it was raw. So the vet shaved the area so it can heal properly and we can put on the medicine. He has to wear the cone until he heals. He has been very sad and depressed since yesterday.
Send good vibes to Midnite.
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This girl is doing much better. She has been lethargic tonight, but I think it’s been from her big day of dad getting back in town! I’ve been trying to monitor the wound and it looks pretty good. It’s definitely irritating for her when I look at it. Externally, things look in tact and healing well. It’s hard to see internally due to how tight everything is now, plus the irritation, but I don’t see any blatant pus. When this first happened, i went around the house and picked up all her Dingo bone pieces....ones where she ate half a bone and fell asleep, or got the tasty red strip out and got bored. Today I saw her zip across the room with one in her mouth. I quickly got it and disposed of it, but I think that may be what got her in a funk — it’s been 2 Friday’s since she has gotten a Dingo, and she finally found one only to have it taken away and then was denied a new one. Sorry girlfriend, not for a long long while! #doggierecovery #dogsofinstagram #coneofshame #dogattacksurvivor
Not overly happy about being in the cone of shame but hopefully it means my bum gets better bc It's been bothering me all week.
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