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They took all the trees
And put 'em in a tree museum
And they charged the people
A dollar and a half to seem 'em
No no no
Don't it always seem to go,
That you don't know what you've got
Til its gone
They paved paradise
And put up a parking lot. #sunrise in #browardcounty #coconutcreek #florida #commute #southflorida #sunrise_sunsets_aroundworld #floridalife #southfloridaphotographer #realflorida #roamflorida #hashtagflorida #florida_greatshots #visitflorida #lovefl #paradise #palmbeachcounty
A bit of gravel travel today left the #scr950 and I wanting more. For a big bike I was impressed how stable it felt cruising along concessions at a good clip in loose stone. Moves around a whole lot less than my #xt250 .... but I don't ride a 500+ pound bike quite as hard as a 250 pound bike. Not when I'm riding solo, anyhow! 😉
If you've gotta be stuck in traffic I hope you at least have something beautiful to look at. A woman, motorcycle, sunset, skyline... Something. #skyporn #sunsets #shorterdays #colorado #commute
Day 18. October 19th. "I feed you mood swing
But you're never satisfied

Mood swing I can't let you win
You bring me up, 
You bring me down
Mood swing I can't give in 
To your subtle wiles
And your endless miles

You love me now but you'll hate me soon
In the light of the dark moon
Smiling faces always turn away
You're the kind that likes to play
Your fun and games take me up and down
With the skill of a circus clown
You see through my truth
I give it up 'cause it's up to you
You stare me down how you scare me
But my eyes are open wide
And I will rise to fight you
My delight won't be denied" - Luscious Jackson "Mood Swing"

I've loved this song for decades. It resonates so much with anyone who has anxiety. The constant battle you face. The constant internal argument. The constant push and pull. Trying to figure out what is the anxiety and what is you. But I am rising to fight it. Also it's the dark moon, so... I went out much earlier today. Just at sunset. It was difficult to be around so many people but the social aspect of my anxiety needs to be addressed. I missed the silence but still had a great time. So much light! Funny thing is, I canceled an MRI because I was worried about walking there alone. Well I just walked there only an avenue over. It is amazing what I can accomplish while doing this project. It is active meditation.
If I need to explain why I chose this picture you haven't been paying attention.

#30Exposures #darkmoon #lusciousjackson #moodswing #mta #busstop #B4 #commute #fuckanxiety #agoraphobia
The Caldwell Area has a Jitney! Thank you to our mayor and fellow realtor, Sandra and Robert Bolcar for spearheading this. Basic information listed below with a link to the website and how to sign up. Looking forward to this new addition to the area!
Pick Up Info in Caldwell: Leaves at 6:30 AM, 7:10 AM (Two Trips)
(8 Smull Ave. Municipal Lot - Behind the movie theatre)

Drop Off: Bay Street Train Station, Montclair, NJ
Return Trip Info: 6:30 PM, 7:10 PM (Two Trips)

Cost: Parking $45 Per Quarter for Commuter Spot ($180 Per Year)
Daily ($3.50 Each Way - $7.00 per day - $35 per week - Cash Only)

Free Trips through the month of October!

Patch Article Link - Caldwell Jitney Info

Borough of Caldwell Website - Caldwell Jitney Info

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Check out to read our review of the 2015 Zero DS. We are trying to get a 2018 model soon! @zeromotorcycles

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