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THE LIZARD “The world is very peaceful, this wall is the safest place to take a nap, I used to get stoned by African kids and sometimes not allowed in most homes, but today i declare a very peaceful and safe world that i can even take a nap on the walls of everyone. As i was enojoying this peaceful nap, feeling the breeze of the winds I peeped for a second and saw this young man with a camera, at first i wanted to run but then i said to myself, 'he is just admiring me' so i stood and gave him a pose for him to take.” Shot by me in Ghana 2016
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User Image vladplantin360 Posted: Dec 8, 2017 11:06 PM (UTC)
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This is a special post because it's to highlight and support a friend of mine, and a fellow talented graphic artist, Chineze Michelle Okpalaoka (you'll find her on both Instagram and Twitter at @chinezexo). We first met at the #ColumbusArtsFestival earlier this year, and I was struck by her brilliant artwork from the minute I first saw it displayed on her booth, some of which I just bought from her website,, and took these photos of once they arrived at my door.

Chineze is a self-taught artist who has been painting only since 2015, so it's impressed me how far her talent has blossomed in just the past few years. What I find additionally impressive is what she plans to use her art for, as stated in one of her quotes: “I’ve always been fascinated by art's ability to prompt dialogue, create connection, evoke memories, and inspire hope. Art gives me the opportunity to speak, and use words when necessary.” As artists, I hope that we can have an open exchange of ideas about how we can reach out to more people to not only expand our businesses and brands, but also to make big positive impacts in communities where they are needed. I believe we share core interests in our faith in Lord Jesus, in helping out the oppressed in society, and in calling for change for the sake of reforming others' lives. So Chineze, thanks for mailing me these, and hope to meet you again soon! 😊✊👊 #BlackLivesMatter #ArtistLivesMatter #ArtistsUnited
User Image jerarosepetal Posted: Dec 3, 2017 4:02 PM (UTC)

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Last chance to pick up some sparkles here at Columbus Winterfair! I've got all that glitters in Booth #950 ✨🌟💫
#allthatglitters #goforgold #sparkles #24kmagic #contemporaryjewelry #columbusartsfestival #columbusohio #treatyoself #jeralodgejewelry
Helllooooo Columbus!! Looking forward to a great show this weekend!
User Image jerarosepetal Posted: Nov 29, 2017 3:29 PM (UTC)
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I'm crazy about this color palette!! I can't decide which is my favorite so I just keep making all of them - because I can! 😁🌈✨🖤 ________
#whatsyourfavorite #allthecolors #want #decodesign #color #style #contemporaryjewelry #columbusartsfestival #craftboston #snagmember #jeralodgejewelry
Make sure you come visit @_boateng_jr art at the #OhioDAS on 30 E Broad Street! 4 mins from #RiffeGallery
User Image ashtonlanai_boateng Posted: Nov 10, 2017 10:39 PM (UTC)

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Make sure you come visit @_boateng_jr art at the #OhioDAS on 30 E Broad Street! 4 mins from #RiffeGallery
User Image essentialhumans Posted: Nov 3, 2017 9:21 PM (UTC)
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Like the performing arts, visual art is beautiful not only aestethcially but in terms of what it does for both the creator and the viewer. Because of its cathartic and purgative nature, it allows our limited human bodies to express things we wouldn’t be able to through language alone. This piece reminds me of the love light we have inside us. Our being is dripping perfection and beaming love. Daylight, nighttime, rain, or outside force can ever change this. No amount of covering those holes would affect the inner light/stream, either. We are inherently independent of anything that happens “to” us. Infinitely maintaining a perfect, whole state. #essentialhumans #loveyourself #puttingthehumanbackinhumanity #feelbetterbebetter #columbusartsfestival #columbusartsfestival2016 #sculpture #modernart #waterfall

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