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‘Then There Was Two'

Happy to share the completed mother and baby black rhino. The full size is 48 x 73cm.
Black rhinos are distinguished from other rhino species by a few different characteristics. The most obvious being; they have two horns, the front being larger than the back, and the a prehensile (hooked) upper lip, as opposed to the white rhino which has a flatter snout. Their tendency to cover themselves in mud probably helped earn them their name!
It is estimated that there is between 5,042 - 5,455 black rhinos surviving in the wild today. This is in comparison to around 65,000 across Africa in the 1970s. Intensive anti-poaching and conservation efforts has enabled the population to recover a little, but there is still a lot of work to be done.
I hope you like this piece. Limited edition prints will be available soon with a % going to conservation programs.
Vores nye, lækre Derwent-display! Der er flere forskellige varer og større overskuelighed, så kom og rul jer i alle regnbuens farver (såvel som gråtoner selvfølgelig)!
Our gorgeous, new Derwent display! Now there’s room for more and it’s easier to navigate, so come on in and frolick in this rainbow of colours (including greyscale)!
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