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sta·ple noun \ˈstā-pəl\ : a metal loop both ends of which are driven into a surface to hold the hook, hasp, or bolt of a lock, secure a rope, or fix a wire in place
#classicbike... lots of these "down the shore"; most are a #rustyoldbike like this one, but I love the #colorandrust combo!
So, I've got an iPad probably do too! Seems like I waited forever to finally get with the tablet technology. My constant refrain was that I "needed" it for Instagram! In my son's words, "a pretty expensive photo viewer". 😜
This is the abduction of @photome1969 into @partners_in_grime! Already a tenured professor of #rustology at #filthyfeeds U, her adroit way with #colorandrust and #textureporn is a study in excellence! We are stoked to welcome her into the #filthyfamily! @photome1969, feel free to put 'Partners In Grime' in your profile bio! (Requested by @shoesnsuits, @hollybruises, @flint_photo, picture/edit by @flint_photo) And remember kids - stay #filthy!

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