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User Image olivious3 Posted: Jan 14, 2018 2:39 PM (UTC)

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User Image jay_vazquez1 Posted: Jan 5, 2018 1:47 AM (UTC)
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I turn around and see this. 💚 He’s either cold or thinks he’s a lettuce wrap. Lol. #doberman #dobielife #lettucewraps #green #cold #puppy #creepydog #dog #coldinorlando #coldasf
User Image adristracq Posted: Jan 4, 2018 3:48 PM (UTC)

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Así como cuando se te congela el parabrisas en Orlando Fl. #orlando0° #coldinorlando
User Image teachmstanner Posted: Jan 4, 2018 2:51 AM (UTC)

1 Valencia
Shout out to my pastors @drjamespierce and @staciapierce for blessing us with hot chocolate and hot Krispy Kreme donuts tonight at service. We weathered the 'cold, freezing' temperature tonight here in Orlando. Lol. (I can't do those Krispy Kreme donuts though. A tooth might just fall out.)
User Image poem132000 Posted: Jan 3, 2018 9:04 PM (UTC)

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Just came in from walking 2.7 miles. It’s 48• here in Orlando. Cold for us, but the fresh air felt good. #freshair #exercisemakesmehappy #coldinorlando
40 degree weather in Disney World? No, thank you! I am sure that there are many runners participating in the upcoming Marathon Weekend who would agree!

#frozen #queenelsa #coldinorlando #notsosunnyflorida
User Image success.therapy Posted: Dec 10, 2017 11:12 PM (UTC)
0 Ludwig
Perfect combination for this cool weather!
Combinación perfecta para este frío.

#hotchocolate #chocolatecoveredstrawberry #myfavorite #coldinorlando
User Image whatkatedoesnow Posted: Dec 9, 2017 8:20 PM (UTC)

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Was going to put this on group chat ... but think we know how that will end 😂🤣😂 #coldinorlando
User Image bagodonuts72 Posted: Nov 15, 2017 12:12 AM (UTC)

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Had to break out the flannel. It's windy and chilly out there. #coldinorlando #orlandoflorida