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User Image purity_coffee Posted: Jan 16, 2018 5:36 PM (UTC)

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Why does Purity Organic makes the healthiest cold brew? In a recent article from @qz they discuss the #cold #brew trend. Since you are not brewing your coffee in 205 degree water it is important to use a coffee tested to be mold-free. #coldbrew #healthycoffee #health #coffee #food #drinks #foodallergy #foodintolerance #cleanfood #dietaryrestrictions #yum #yummy #wholefoods #foodie #happytummy #trends #coffeetrends
User Image ningsb Posted: Jan 7, 2018 8:15 AM (UTC)

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ningsb 1w ago
Happy with my new espresso cups I received for my birthday yesterday. They are so cool and stylish 👌🏾. I also have the big blue ones 😉. #nespresso #nespressomoment #nespressocups #nespressowhatelse #blackcups #sunday #sundaymorning #weekend #wakeupandsmellthecoffee #chillmoment #troubadour #wakemeup #coffeetrends #trendy
User Image coffeefestshow Posted: Jan 7, 2018 3:31 PM (UTC)
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Coffee Fest is your total destination for new products, education & trends. Discover what will drive profit in your retail business or restaurant in 2018. #TradeShow#CoffeeIndustry #TeaTrade #craftcoffee#coffeeroasters #specialtycoffee #coffeefest#baristalife #baltimorecoffee #baltimoretea#coffeetrends #coffeetrendsetter
User Image athenscoffeefestival Posted: Jan 7, 2018 2:26 PM (UTC)

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Ο παραδοσιακός φούρνος στη μορφή που τον γνωρίζαμε μετεξελίσσεται σε bakery cafe, ενσωματώνοντας τις σύγχρονες τάσεις και ακολουθώντας τις επιταγές της αγοράς!⠀

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User Image tenhavekoffie Posted: Jan 3, 2018 3:48 PM (UTC)

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Nieuw jaar, nieuwe trends. Zo ook voor ons lievelingsdrankje koffie. Benieuwd? Lees onze blog! (Link in bio)
User Image sdcoffeetea Posted: Jan 3, 2018 8:27 PM (UTC)

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Curious about 2017 specialty coffee consumption habits? This #infographic features insights from the @nationalcoffeeusa Annual Drinking Trends Study. Link in profile. 📷: @specialtycoffeeassociation
User Image arctoscoffee Posted: Jan 1, 2018 8:43 PM (UTC)
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Happy New Year! Want to know the top coffee trends to look for in 2018, including Cafe au Lait Bowls? Read more here:
#arctoscoffee #coffeetrends coffee2018 #newyear #happynewyear
User Image merlocoffee Posted: Dec 30, 2017 11:20 PM (UTC)

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Seen this article on hot trends in coffee for 2018? Merlo’s Operations Manager and resident Coffee Q Grader, Simon Brooks, gives his predictions on what we’ll all be drinking in the New Year!
User Image Posted: Dec 30, 2017 9:56 AM (UTC)
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Last #Review for this Year. 🏆☕ TOP 5 #coffeetrends 2017.
No. 5 #charcoallatte .
No. 4 #bulletproofcoffee .
👉 No. 3 to 1 Check out #onmyblog
User Image perfectdailygrind Posted: Dec 30, 2017 1:26 AM (UTC)

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Defining the third wave isn’t easy. You’ll hear different explanations everywhere you go – some of which even contradict each other! So we reached out to some industry professionals to ask how they define it☕Find out more in today’s article!👉Link in bio! #PerfectDailyGrind
User Image perfectdailygrind Posted: Dec 29, 2017 9:37 PM (UTC)

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What’s the difference between specialty coffee and the third wave? Does a fourth wave exist? And could you have specialty coffee in a second wave setting? We interview coffee professionals across the globe to find out their perspectives👉Link in bio! #PerfectDailyGrind 📸Credit: @aryanjoshani
User Image pdgespanol Posted: Dec 29, 2017 8:16 PM (UTC)

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Hay mucho en qué pensar al elegir una tostadora; es una inversión importante, y grande☕Hoy te compartimos siete puntos prácticos que debes considerar al seleccionar tu tostador👉Link in bio! #PerfectDailyGrind 📸Crédito: @ronaldohurta2
User Image perfectdailygrind Posted: Dec 29, 2017 5:58 PM (UTC)

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The third wave is all about making the consumer feel special☕Part of that is customer service, but another part is sharing the story behind the cup – a story created by producers, importers, roasters, and baristas. Read more in today’s article!👉Link in bio! #PerfectDailyGrind 📸Credit: @caffeine_my
User Image perfectdailygrind Posted: Dec 29, 2017 2:51 PM (UTC)

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The third wave of coffee. We come across this phrase all the time, in coffee shops or online. But what does it actually mean?☕Let's find out👉Link in bio! #PerfectDailyGrind 📸Credit: @5stonescoffeeco
User Image lovers.coffee101 Posted: Dec 28, 2017 3:15 PM (UTC)

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#2017 is such a great year to all of us. A lot of things went #viral in the #coffee industry that is why we are here to share with you a recap of The Best Of Coffee Trends For 2017. Let's find out which of this #trends is your favorite?

#bestofcoffeetrendsfor2017 ☕️ #cupofcoffee #cofofjoe #coffeeart #coffeegasm #coffeeporn #coffeefriends #coffeelovers #ilovecoffee #coffeeislife #coffeewithfriends #coffeetrends #coffeeart #coffeetime #coffees
User Image athenscoffeefestival Posted: Dec 28, 2017 2:55 PM (UTC)

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Έχοντας ως έμπνευση την τάση εξερεύνησης και πρωτοτυπίας των Millenials, coffee specialists από όλον τον κόσμο συνδυάζουν ιδανικά τον καφέ με κοκτέιλ! 🍸⠀

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