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У нас на ПИРе Вам очень полюбилась ▫️Коста Рика Санта Круз▫️, кто не успел купить- можете заказать в интернет магазине ⬆️

Этот невероятно сладкий,сбалансированный кофе с оттенками абрикоса🍑 и марципана должен найти место в вашем сердце 💚
Throughout my coffee journey, educating coffee through seminars, classes, and continued education courses has given me the opportunity to meet and teach incredible students that has made their passions come true. Magnificent roastery coffee shops guys! A humble bow 🙏🏻
forfive 45m ago
Have a great Friday and drink plenty of coffee!
Flat White... terso, dulce y balanceado.
Prueba cafés de calidad, de la mano de baristas exigentes.
#horadelcafe #flatwhite #amamosloquehacemos #trabajamoscontentos #specialtycoffee #coffeeroasters #purosabor #coffeebar #durango
see you later CrossFit sign! The only thing we work out here are our palates! Ehh? get it? Sorry.
El espresso es el alma de cada preparación de café, es por eso que para nosotros es de suma preocupación que el espresso salga a la perfección, ven y compruebalo! #espressoshot #barista #coffeeroasters
Love in a cup 🖤...happy 8 years @heartroasters, one of my favorites in pdx!
It’s been a rough week of working on the pop up. I’ve had the chance to chop it up with my partners and struggle through the project as a team. I’ve had total strangers drop in to share good vibes and positivity and friends who I hadn’t seen in ages drop by to lend a hand.

I love you Fresno. You are people of passion and I wouldn’t trade you for any other home. Your family, your neighbors, the people you experience life with - that is home.

#DowntownFresno #FultonStreet #CoffeeRoasters #SpecialtyCoffee

@fultonstreetcoffee #PopUpShop
Dnes, zajtra a pozajtra si môžete prísť vychutnať našu kávu do Nitry na Sladký festival v Mlynoch 😉#caffe4u #kaficko #roastery #coffeeroasters #praziaren #bratislava #nitra #baristlife

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