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Lola Loves Collo but not when she thinks he’s coming to take her toys and food 🥘😂 #cavapoochon #lolaloves #cocapoo ❤️
Oscar & Alfie’s “good boy” poses as they know they are about to receive a treat! #cocapoosofinstagram #cocapoo #cute #myboys💙
Just a little grace for yourself can go a long way. 💕Today especially, I need a lot. 👌🏽(Excuse me while I sip on my Americano ☕️💁🏽)We aren’t perfect nor were we made to be perfect. Some days we will forget things (like our children’s class snack by the front door) 🤦🏽‍♀️or go off our eating plan and demolish the goldfish crackers your kiddos left behind. 😋(insert goldfish emoji) Some days we will walk in the front door and see that your pup vomited the very treat you left for her. Yay🤗 Welcome home, mom! 🐶🤢Then only to take your pup on a walk and have to wrestle a dead frog out of its mouth. 🐸😩 But it’s all in a days work, right? Tomorrow will be better. 😘Embrace the imperfection, own it and know that you are amazing anyway!❤️✌🏽P.S. Buy yourself some flowers and make it all good. 1/2 price at 🎯
Happy 2nd birthday 🎂 Dallas what a pretty girl you have grown up to be #cocapoo
| Prague Streets 2017 - Poverty | 📸 #pandacreativemedia
Head over to my Facebook page for the story behind this image at 3pm. Link in bio.
I am a true city pup and I won't leave the elevator until Rommel gives me a treat🙏🏼🐶

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