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Thankful for two of the best days of my life, so here's a classic sunset pic #cmgvsu #cmleaders
At the #cmleaders conference for 5 minutes and already I've broken down and purchased myself some new threads. #sucker #butIreallyDOlovecm #businessexpenseright?
Having a blast in California at #cmleaders. Another huge day tomorrow! Tim is on the afternoon panel and if the day is anything like tonight - it's sure to be wild! #jointheresistance #theresistanceUS
"Discipleship happens far more in the living room than the classroom." -@i_mattguevara #CMLeaders #discipleship
"Discipleship is not behavior modification. It's an experience." -@bguckenberger

From last night's session at #CMLeaders. We're very excited for the other speakers in store for today!
Discipleship is MESSY! Discipleship doesn't happen by osmosis!! You are the leader; therefore LEAD! What if we raise up a generation of kids who happen TO THE WORLD, instead of the WORLD happening TO THEM. -Melissa MacDonald #cmleaders #loveit #discipleship #discipleswhomakedisciples
Biblically, parents are called to be the primary teachers, protectors and lovers of their children. -Naomi Cramer Overton #cmleaders
Who you are in Christ is more important than what you do for Christ! -Brannon Marshall #cmleaders