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#tbt 2007 @aomanagement @subcity_trey back when we lived in the club, threw a party 5 days a week, made thousands every week but argued and fought each other abt too many ppl on everybody guest list! Back when u had to click each person on fb one by one to invite everybody, back when we would invite every chick we was fuckin to the same party 🤦🏽‍♂️, back when we would turn off our phones when the party started and swear up and down We didn't get the call, back when u would get a ticket for passing out flyers by the police, back when I turned my house into the SSP Office 😂, back when we had to team up to take out Latif and SchoolHouse, back when we would throw a FREE party if your party was on the same day as ours, back when we had epic FOAM parties, back when every chick on the flyer was butt ass naked, back when we brought out the bullhorn to promote our party in front of the club of your party, back when @laflare1017 was only charging $5k for a show, back when we had no clue what to do wit the money we made 🤦🏽‍♂️, back when we ran the city! Young Kings! #cyrus #metrop #velvetroom #earth #2020 #anatomy #mulberrys #spybar #cloud9 #DreamNightclub #mirage #moda Circa 2007 #longliveSSP #streetsmartpro #MacEnt
Last night was so wonderful!! It was the opening reception for the Spiritual and Religious Show at the @springvillemuseum and so many wonderful things happened! My piece “Adam’s Dilemma” got an award of merit, I got to talk to so many artists that I love and admire (@ron.richmond @anniekblake @briankershisnik @cindyclarkart @leeudallbennionart @paigecanderson and more!!) Watching people talk and get excited about my art was something I’m still geeking out about and just seeing my work on the walls of a Museum was the stuff my childhood dreams were made of. Great art, great night, celebrating with my family—basically on cloud 9 right now. Thank you Springville MOA and all the people that got me here!#allthegoodthings #cloud9 #worksoftranslation #utahart #springvilleartmuseum #mormonartist #mormonart
je.ssd 22m ago
this account just hit 3,000 followers and 10 months ago it only had 3. I think we live in a world which is submerged in negativity and our own pollution but regardless of current world events we should always be able to find beauty in the things we love most. the sky is something we’re constantly surrounded by but no two sunsets are ever the same and maybe we can learn something from that. each day can and will end differently, but it will always be beautiful. taking these pictures for me is a constant reminder that there is no ‘normal’ or set way to be/feel/look/act, and to learn a lesson from absolutely everything I experience. i’m about to tag the people who’ve helped me to be the best me in this photo but thank you all for the support i don’t think any sunset could ever compare to my gratitude

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