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Thank god for seat warmers, I would be lost without it right now. Just have to remember to bring better snacks next time #autumninthepnw #closingshift #allbymyself
I don't know what this is that I'm drinking but it supposedly has the same amount of caffeine as a cup of green tea. I don't hate it. #closingshift #closingtime #caffeine
(Not food related... sort of)

It's funny how months back, I've devised ways to escape this life in the kitchen, even funnier how I tried different career ventures (like having an office job and trying my luck in sales and marktng) but the real punchline is how I willingly stepped right back in this show.. no plans, no reasons, purely just because I wanted to 😂🤣😆 Ah, life.

So to more burns, cuts, failures and success... to clock ins and OTs and holidays missed, I guess this life really is for me and my 22 yearold self thrives by it 😂 ...And damn, I am enjoying Boracay so much. Wouldve enjoyed it more if I wasnt so broke 😂😂😂 #closingshift #rant #kitchen #culinary #realization #Iamnotdrunkposting #life #ohwellpaps 😂