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User Image stxne.cuttings Posted: Nov 18, 2017 6:54 AM (UTC)
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If anyone's still up, like for a dm maybe?
User Image greekgcds Posted: Nov 18, 2017 6:50 AM (UTC)
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User Image lcvjngbcy Posted: Nov 18, 2017 6:49 AM (UTC)
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User Image immortallywicked Posted: Nov 18, 2017 6:49 AM (UTC)
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There isn’t a moment in this world that I spend without thinking of you. Im bound to you.
User Image strangepolaroids Posted: Nov 18, 2017 6:46 AM (UTC)
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[comment for a rate]
diva. rich bitch. (reformed) mean girl. blackwell academy student. will cut you if you hurt her friends. uses emojis ironically. trying her best. makes a shit ton of literary references.
User Image lcstintentions Posted: Nov 18, 2017 6:46 AM (UTC)
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to be real, can't stand being alone.
User Image prcttyannoying Posted: Nov 18, 2017 6:46 AM (UTC)
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if any it cast boys wanna slide in my dms or just be friends lemme tell u im sO DOWN!1!!!11! especially wyatt, finn, or jack models yessss
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User Image xanieety Posted: Nov 18, 2017 6:42 AM (UTC)
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User Image fckdcp Posted: Nov 18, 2017 6:38 AM (UTC)
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fckdcp 16m ago
certified asshole. father of 1. single, not really looking. dom. not negan, but acts like him. probably in a rock band. heart of gold. animal lover. has 2 cats, and 3 dogs. twd is his religion. [ spam the comments for a tbh ]
User Image grimrecper Posted: Nov 18, 2017 6:37 AM (UTC)
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–– kobaine joaquin mortéga, ♤
❝born from nothing to something. he is known to many as grim, he was brought to the world on the twentieth of october, age thirty. born in chicago, illinois, but residing in miami, florida. his parents were known for drug dealing, and doing criminal activities. his father was a notorious drug lord while his mother was a first class, a-one stripper at a well known famous strip joint. he grew up with a golden spoon, and with all the money in the world he didn't wanna be one of those spoiled kids, so he earned respect, he earned money by making his way up in life. he was a former wide receiver for teams such as the niners, raiders, falcons, and so fourth. known as one of the top ten best players in football history. he now does ufc for a career, and makes billions a day bashing people's skulls in. he has had a drug past during his teenage years, and even considered taking over his fathers business when he's gone, and until this day considers it. has a few criminal backgrounds, but hides it behind closed doors. suffers with a few disorders such as schizophrenia, personality, bipolar, and suffers with depression on occasions. one of the best known party goers in the world. he is a drug addict, and has zero tolerance for people's bullshit. he's puerto rican, latin, and french. father to six children, and married. he is straight, and one of the most dominate, kinky men you could ever meet. enjoys foreign cars, and enthusiast of horror, sex, and liquor. nerd at times, and very much a potty mouth. trigger happy, and just doesn't give a fuck. he's a man who'll kill for his friends, and family without hesitation. pro baller, drift king, and one of the most richest multi-billionaire in the world. sporty, and active as a mother fucker. heroine addict, and soda freak. [ cmnt for a tbh, rate, dop, fop, and dm ].
–– la mort avant le déshonneur 💵
[☠] #literaterp #dominantrp #crimerp #darkrp #kinkyrp #daddyrp #hornyrp #openrp #takenrp #singlerp #closedrp #domrp #horrorrp #wwerp #ufcrp #sëxualrp #newopenrp #advancedrp #rp #straightrp #tattoorp #mafiarp #drugrp #eroticrp #normalrp #alternativerp #criminalrp #maturerp
User Image emoguyloser Posted: Nov 18, 2017 6:35 AM (UTC)
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will someone and anyone please do me a favor and love me .. 4 crying out loud... this all i ask for ... im so alone and tired.. and sad... please hug me...
User Image glowjngstars Posted: Nov 18, 2017 6:35 AM (UTC)
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DYLAN !! 🎙🐚
pisces. vines !! 1/2 kermit stan. human kisser. talks like she’s from the 70s. mac demarco and donald glover. loves horror movies. 6teen year old version of alex russo. dO IT FOR THE MEME. j cole. sEEMS COOL BUT REALLY ISNT. will either talk to you in all caps lock OR all lower case, there is no in between. apricot princess. cartoon edits. cOMMENT A COUNTRY FOR A TBH + RATE 💗💖💘💓💞
User Image explictkat Posted: Nov 18, 2017 6:35 AM (UTC)
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Just please stop denying how I feel about you.
Your not a mind reader and you don’t know how my heart and mind is. .
#closedrp #dirtyrp #adultrp
#black #depressedrp #depressed #grunge #openrp #singlerp #kittenrp🌸 #anyrp #bisexualrp #bandrp #ladygaga #ahs #literaterp #indie #grunge #pastel

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