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Ran across these cleaning up/purging today. This is when I was doing two and three a day track practices and had a relaxer! 😝 Feels like a lifetime ago. Good memories.💞SN: my sisters are absolutely gorgeous! 😍😘❤️ @wrapnwitmihia @docwash11 #Flashback #Memories #GoodTimes #Sisters #Love #LongHair #MyFavoriteShirt #RollerWrap #Purging #Minimizing #ClearingTheClutter
I’m getting the kids and the house back in order and all organised for their first day back to school tomorrow! Hallelujah! 🙌🏻
I’m also doing a bit of a clothes cull as I’m finally back to pre-pregnancy weight - plus now that it’s warming up the kids are out of trackies and back into shorts! ☀️
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The last few weeks I have been having a massive sort out, and part of that is clearing the clutter and selling some of the toys and clothes the kids have grown out of. We are also trying to raise a bit of extra cash to make this Christmas extra special. I hadn't really realised how easy the eBay app was. It was so quick and simple to use. You can read all about how to do it on the blog, or just download the app and give it a go! So far I have sold clothes and some of the kids bulky toys and prams, and intend on getting rid of a lot more between now and Christmas.! #ad #eBaySellingMN #clearingtheclutter #decluttering #Christmasclearout @mumsnetbloggers
Aah, the syncronizities of life. I just started an amazin Daily Om online course called A Year To Clear What’s Holding You Back. The idea is to take tiny little steps to clear the clutter and have compassion for yourself as You’re mindful of the feelings that arise. This way, the amygdala won’t get overwhelmed and kick into fight/flight/freeze Mode. So, just a minute a day is sufficient. Maybe next week it’ll be 2 minutes. But There’s no need to rush and stress. #babysteps #clutter #ayeartoclearwhatisholdingyouback #easydoesit #dailyom #clearingtheclutter #energyclearing
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Finally, a moment to chill, unwind and clear my mind. My glass and I are headed to the deck. Forecast 99% chance of wine ❣️#unwindandbalance #clearingtheclutter #timeforagetaway #adundancemindset #kingsqueen #closingmyeargates
Cleared my dresser of most of my jewelry clutter with this little organizer my teen hung on the wall for me.
Isn't it funny, I've read that quote at least a thousands times before but it wasn't until today that I actually "got it." This week has been a week of transformation for me. Through clearing the clutter of my home and finally reclaiming it as mine, I realized that I've spent years being "stuck," damaged from the past, and unable to move forward.

The dates on paper clutter (papers I felt I needed to hold on to all this time because I might _____ one day) were what really drove this lesson all started in 2010 😓😓. 7 YEARS!!!! For 7 years I've struggled with depression, being stuck, overwelmed, sick, heartbroken, lost, holding onto everything in fear of losing again. Of course my past left me injured but then I wasted 7 years nursing those wounds, instead of living in the present.

It's been a rough week but I am breathing easier every day as I get closer to reclaiming my space and my life ❤️❤️

#MondayMotivation #ClearingTheClutter #UnFilterMe #DepressionSucks #SpoonieStrong #LearningToLiveAgain #RockabillyMonat
It's 🎶Wednesday Wash Day🎶 but I had cancellations 😓😓 maybe it was the universe telling me I need to clear my clutter 😱😱 I used to love this office. It's filled with all the momentos of my life; but it now causes me anxiety. 😓
It used to be a place of creativity and productivity; but now it feels like I choking. 😫

I want to reclaim this place and I keep trying but I constantly getting stuck again. 😓 I've smudged it. Reorganized. Meditated in it. And cleaned it a milliontimes.

Any suggestions? How do I change the energy in this room? I need all the help I can get! 🙏🙏 .
#BadVibes #NeedToGetMyMojoBack #ClearingTheNegativeEnergy #ThisOfficeStiflesMe #HowDoIMakeThisMySpaceAgain #RockabillyMonat
So many changes, so many decisions! Spring fever(including hay fever 🤧) has hit and decluttering our home and life has been in full swing the last few weeks. I'm grieving and celebrating at the same time. #lettinggo #springclean #renos #freshstart #releasing #clarity #clearing #space #memories #clearingtheclutter #clearingthemind #feelsgood
to.a.t 1M ago
Anybody looking for a good cookbook I am downsizing my collection💚✌💚🌱💪
Is it 5 o'clock yet? I'm SO ready for the weekend! My desk is cleared off and I'm ready to enjoy the weekend! Do you have any exciting plans? If so, share! #entreprenuer #prgal #clearingtheclutter [...]
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Magical stuff this decluttering!
Head to my website to read my blog - 3 tips for decluttering and abundance.
#declutter #abundance #clearingtheclutter #outwiththeoldinwiththenew #greentarawellness #iinhealthcoach #blogpost

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