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well, after 5 hours of volunteer work i come back late at nigHt to this sweet vid & an updated fAē list. so so so much love @grimes !! “just stop filming” amazing
I'll save Genesis Grimes for soon in the meantime I'll be working on Flesh without Blood nowhere near as amazing as hers but considering I have a small budget I'll do my best ! #grimes #artangels #fleshwithoutblood #claireboucher #grimesartofficial #trashique
Grimes x Coup De Main 💎
im gonna start doing a realism drawing of Hana, hopefully it turns out well but my proportion is always off whoopSie. Also, Claire looks v comfy here
Last night @ karaoke I chose a Paramore time it's totally gonna be Grimes 🙃 #grimes #claireboucher
@grimes for Numero Tokyo in 2016. I don’t know about you guys, but the cover of “Dark Come Soon” by Grimes x Hana has been on repeat for me since yesterday, after i bought it (i encourage you to do the same! please and thank you). I’m planning on starting a new book today (after finishing the one i have to read for school) and also i’ll search some HQ videos of Claire!! stay tuned 👀🖤
#grimes #claireboucher #artangels #visions #halfaxa #geidiprimes
i suddenly lost my motivation to post wow that was fast
Grimes x Coup De Main 💎
have y’all listened to Dark Come Soon yet? bc you should. that whole cover album is really fantastic too, but Dark Come Soon has been on repeat all day for me lol
I first seen this picture on her soundcloud, too bad she does not go on it 😣 I wish she did, so she can show us more good music. #grimes #claireboucher
Also thanks for 100?! It's a little milestone but I never even intended on getting past 20 followers so thanks!

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