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User Image egroenv Posted: Mar 22, 2018 12:33 AM (UTC)
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egroenv 18s ago
13000 soldater døde ila ett år! 13000 soliders died in one year! #civilwar #andersonvilleprison
User Image rafazahner Posted: Mar 22, 2018 12:30 AM (UTC)
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A Guerra Civil Americana... 😍💕📖📸🤓
User Image kaiser_of_history Posted: Mar 22, 2018 12:19 AM (UTC)

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•Operation Greif•
•Time (Battle of the Bulge 1944)•
~Günther Billing, a German infiltrator apart of Operation Greif, about to be executed by an American firing squad 23, December 1944. Operation Greif led by Austrian military officer, Otto Skorzeny, was a furtive mission to disguise German troops as American troops in order to pass American lines and capture/kill General Dwight D. Eisenhower and to secure Meuse Bridges.
Hitler approached Skorzeny about a possible mission he thought could be carried out during the Battle of the Bulge to save what he could of the Western Front. If anyone could do such a secret, weird mission and make it turn out, it was Skorzeny. Skorzeny began recruiting German troops who could, or wanted to speak English. He isolated these troops in an “American school” which taught them English, particularly American argot such as swearing and slang. They also learned how to chew gum, slouch, and march. However, even after they learned all of these American ways, out of the (2,500) men, only (400) could actually speak partly English, and only (10) were fully fluent.
For those who couldn’t speak any good English whatsoever, were told explicit instructions for the mission: If approached by an American, say “sorry” and pretend you have diarrhea. For the rest who could actually speak fluent English were put in US military uniforms. Some uniforms were just painted to look like US military uniforms, under the paint was just their German uniform.
The mission was a fluke. They did cause some confusion, but some Germans were caught and they were executed. A blindfold was placed over their eyes, a white target on their heart, and a firing squad was placed in front of them.
Info from: on Operation Greif; on Operation Greif.
Picture from:
User Image nybuffymeister Posted: Mar 21, 2018 11:41 PM (UTC)

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When Washington DC named it’s new train depot Union Station, in 1907, the country’s capital city had several different stations, one for each major railroad company.
Pennsylvania RR, and Baltimore and Ohio (B&O) decided to share one large,
station, in keeping with the growth of the District of Columbia, and the civic desire to be seen as the major city and capital it had become.
The classical/ Beaux-Arts design of the station is recognized as one of the finest and most beautiful rail centers in the country.

After the 1981 renovation and redevelopment of the grand concourse into a shopping mall and food court, Union Station, itself, became a premier destination, for visitors to the nation’s capital.
One note about the name of the edifice, which may escape.
The station was conceived, at the end of the 19th century, as a union of several railroad companies.
However, as it was only 35 years after the end of the Civil War and many who lived through the bloody conflict were now older adults. Choosing the official name as, Union Station, was not lost on many Americans. Never again would the states come so close to an unfortunate dissolution, as in those difficult days. A beautiful Union Station in Washington DC would be one further grand reminder of who the victors were, and how the United States survived and ultimately thrived.

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