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i have like 4 rosita edits made bc i love her so much,,but its almost 1am. why am i even posting rippppp
fucking queeen- i love my gurl,,just look @ her 😛
my bbys,,this scene was so fucking cute. so glad to have stanned this man since his intro,,all of u jumping on the “father gabriel bandwagon” bahaha bitch bye u didnt see his potential then, you obviously shouldnt see it now. yes, his intro he was weak and scared, but so was rick??? like u cant judge a man of god for being scared of the world hes living in its idiotic, so instead of judging him from his point of views, and his way of living, and his weaker tendencies, why couldnt you look at what he could have, and has become. sorry about the miniature rant, father gabriel has just surprised the hell out of me, and how strong he has become! he has value and nobody can tell me otherwise :)

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