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View from the front porch of the community hacienda at @lospoblanos - this is a gem in the heart of #ABQ ... for those who are into Lavender, natural botanicals, country living, and leisurely bike rides through willow tree lined farm plots, THIS IS THE PLACE FOR YOU! It's heaven. 📷 by @sylviahysen
Natural #botanicals just smell better! 🌿🌸🍯 Like this #LavendarHoney soap. MmMmmmmMm 📷 by @sylviahysen on @lospoblanos organic farm.
Scrumptious chili rellenos at Benny's Tacos in Longmont, Colorado. Family owned restaurant with excellent food. #chilirellenos #mexicanrestaurant #longmontcolo #dinelocal @visitlongmontcolorado
🌶 If you've ever visited #Albuquerque you know the smell of chili peppers lingers everything ... now you know what is creating it ^^ 📷 by @sylviahysen on the @lospoblanos organic farm.
I was pretty sure I had killed this poblano pepper plant. Or at least tortured it enough that it wouldn't grow peppers. #poblano #peppers #chilirellenos #surprisedmyself