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A little #throwbackthursday to this little peanut on his first Halloween 🎃🍭👻 still in disbelief that he’ll be two next week. Hang with me as a work my way through my baby no longer being a baby 😂 I’ve only got a few hundred more throw backs to share.
She went back and forth dipping her toes in this mountain lake, until she finally decided to strip down and jump in 😱😳. She and her papa love the crisp and refreshing (read: ice melt) mountain lake dips. Not I!! I prefer the warm and dry view with camera in hand 📷💙#bravegirl #mountainbabe
Last year, our family Halloweened as Han, Leia, and baby Ewok. I have to say, it was pretty dang cute. This year, little man has no idea what to expect. He still doesn’t ‘get’ Halloween. Which works for me, because he won’t know to put up a fight when I stuff him into a tiny costume in a few weeks 👏🏻 I have so many ideas... muahaha. What are your kids going as?
🍂🍁🍂🍁🍂🍁and more 🍁
Can you even be an astronaut without a colander on your head?? 👽🌍🚀⭐
When you show up to get your car serviced and the guy says "oh wow 3 with you today?!?!" Ha that's everyday sir. Me and my crew always in tow. #islalucaandlennan
this little girl comes alive with a stick, a trail, and a little dirt.
And just like that she's already 1 week old! That went by too fast! We are soaking up every minute with her. Mom & dad are already competing on who she loves more lol yes we are ridiculous like that 🙃
So far she's been the easiest newborn out of the crew. Thank the Lawdy!!!! She hardly ever cries -only whimpers a bit for baths. Shes been breastfeeding like a champ, feeding every 2.5 to 3 hours during the day and only waking up once to eat in the wee hours of the morning. I'm thanking the #babywise schedule for this! When she's awake she's super chill.
First time the hubs and I are not sleep deprived and at each others throats yet lol he's been the best househubs I could ever ask for! Taking care of the boys, keeping up with their schedules, cooking, cleaning, diaper duty, bathing the baby -its amazing how much we have both grown since our first and second. I'm appreciating it all because I know babies are pretty unpredictable and she can flip at anytime. #RayLoren #1weekold
F O U R M O N T H S 🎃today! Time is such a thief😫 #babylincoln #lastbaby 💛
Still trying to figure out how I can get around the rules and squeeze a few chickens in my backyard. I swear my son would be more excited about chickens then a puppy. He’s obsessed.

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