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"Yea but she's obviously got good genetics..." 🙄

A real champion continues on IN SPITE of their genetics.

So stop mourning what you don't have and go work for what it is you really want 😉👌
Lift heavy. Be happy. ☺️ * 9 weeks of no deadlifts.. ** 9 weeks of not training upper body..
*** 9 weeks of shit diet.. **** & 9 weeks of no will power due to injury!

But I’m back bitches! Fuk you injury! 😐
still not at full strength, but I’m happy with 80kg x 8 reps!! 🏋🏽‍♀️ _____________________________________________________ #powerlifting #strong #strength #deadlift #legday #gym #training #transformation #lift #feelgood #inspiration #instadaily #fitfam #fitness #fit #gymtime #myworld #meVSme #goals #chickswholift #power #igotthis 💪🏾💦💦
“Attitude! You’ve got some fucking attitude!” Make it a good one and keep it. My two favourite things: Yoga and punk dancing for self defence. Metal Yoga @churchbris @crowbarbris // Our next class announcement coming soon... 📷 @saltmamastudio
So much of the good that I have inside has been built because of the barbell. Lifting weights has me the confidence I never had growing up. It has transformed the way I think and feel about my body. Coming to a place a true belonging and self love would never have been possible without the strength I have gained mentally and physically through strength training. .
Double tap if lifting has made you a better person as well. I would love to hear your own story about how it has changed your life 💗💪🏼💗💪🏼
I’ve been working on my legs, ALOT!
Genetics get a say but they don’t get the final one!
Also may have been abit spoilt today 😝
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I just love this photo so much! Not for my physique, my bikini,hair, or tan...but for the determination in my eyes.

Every time i look at it, i see the struggles i’ve overcame in the past 8 years.

Just a small reminder that you are strong enough to overcome any tough times you’re going through in your life 👊

Happy Saturday! Gym time 😈

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Remember where you started 🙏🏻 10+ kg heavier, healthier and happier ☝🏻 and 4 years older and wiser 💁🏼
Back progress💪🏼
We ask ourselves have I trained my back enough this week?? Have I trained my quads/hammies/glutes/chest you get my drift!
We all have our favourite body part to train & I have found splits are working best for me now shoulders/quads
Lats/glutes traps/hammies chest/arms
I do try to hit bigger muscle groups twice per week & if short on time small muscle groups 1x per week.
It’s definitely a challenge you need to work out what works best for you & your lifestyle of course.
No body wants to live at the gym to get results💪🏼
It’s about balance and plus you want to show all your hard work off outside of gym enjoying family/friend time, not just looking good for everyone in the gym.
I think I’ve spoken enough shit 😂😂😉
Have an awesome Saturday night guys
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