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I’m always working out on the road, so I have to prep my meals in advance. I use zip lock bags to keep my food fresh and prevent from having numerous bowls to wash. This is essential to keep me away from fast food restaurants. #naturalbodybuilding #foodprepking #beefandrice #chickenandbroccoli #lowcarb #insulin #fasting #weightloss #weightlifting #cardio
Ranch baked chicken and steamed broccoli! Easy and tasty- my kind of lunch on a lazy Saturday. #pinterestinspired #healthyish #chickenandbroccoli
Cutting or trying to lose body weight (fat) is not easy and can be boring AF.... been on chicken and broccoli for sometime now and its working really well along with regular training (can't stand chicken breast so only can eat oven roasted skinless full leg). About 1300cal per day (can have slight variation on a day and might have steak even lol) macros p40 f20 c40 making sure protein is always high. So, on track with my body weight for this Saturday's comp, happy with result so far. But since there will be no nudes weigh ins might need to drop just a few g 😂😂😂 #monsterenergy #chickenandbroccoli
I love chicken and broccoli from the chinese restaurant. But I always want more veggies and brown rice. This is a cheaper and healthier option. Boyfriend approved! #athometakeout #chicken #broccoli #brownrice #forkyeah

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